These Photos Show The ‘Other,’ More Humane Side Of Violent Clashes During Protests

When the citizens of the free world have their rights trampled, they take to the streets to protest. More often than not, these protests have turned into a violent battle between the people and those who have sworn to uphold the law. However, sometimes the dormant humanity that each soul has shines through, and differences are put aside, albeit briefly, to offer a helping hand. Barricades are separated, gates are opened, and we witness the compassion shown for a fellow human being.

These incredible photos truly highlight the humane aspect on both the sides of the barricade.

Civilians in Iran save and protect a wounded police officer after he was mercilessly beaten by violent civilian protesters.

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When a white man was suspected to be a member of the infamous Klu Klux Klan, an angry mob started raining fists on him. Of all the bystanders, a black woman dove in and acted as a human shield.


Image Credit | BBC

When Egypt authorized the use of lethal force to disperse protesting civilians, its own army refused direct orders. Here, an Egyptian man is seen thanking the commanding officer of a tank, who chose humanity.

16Image Credit | The Telegraph

A newly erected Berlin Wall separated and dislocated many families. Here a soldier is seen cautiously helping a little boy to escape to the west, even after receiving strict orders not to allow anyone through the barrier.

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During a violent protest in Bogota, Colombia, it was the civilians who had an upper hand in the stand-off, and the mob chose to vent their anger on the assembled battalion of anti-riot police officers. It was a lone elderly woman who felt it was wrong to attack those who were merely following orders.

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“Love conquers all” was what this woman strongly believed in. She chose to go ahead, unarmed of course, and kiss an anti-riot police officer.

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Riot police stand guard to protect gay rights activists who were beaten by anti-gay protesters in St. Petersburg, Russia. The rally was authorized and was supposed to be peaceful.

20Image Credit | MSNBC

A woman vehemently defied the government’s strong arm tactics and steadfastly stood in front of a massive bulldozer in Egypt to protect a wounded protestor.

10Image Credit | The Atlantic

A birthday has to be celebrated, no matter what. When an officer, who didn’t want violence, pleaded by saying, “Do not create episodes, please, not on my birthday,” he didn’t expect a birthday cake from the protestors. Unable to believe and bear, the officer broke down in happy tears.


Everyone needs refreshment, including the police officers. Protestors in London truly believed that the police were merely doing their job and needn’t suffer. Here the protestors can be seen merrily chatting with a lady officer in the wee hours of the night. Tomorrow we may clash, but after the sun goes down, we are all human beings.

05Image Credit | Time

A protest may be a stand-off between the police officers and the people, but at the end of the day, all of them are citizens of the same city and may live quite near to each other. Realizing the fact that the people on either sides essentially belong to the same land could help them restrain their fists and force.

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