Teresa Giudice Standing By Her Man, Says She Won’t Leave Husband Joe After Prison

Teresa Giudice might have her husband to blame for the 15-month prison sentence she’s facing, but the Real Housewives of New Jersey star said she isn’t leaving him.

In the second part of her much anticipated, post-sentencing interview, Teresa said she has no plans to leave husband Joe when he goes to prison after his term. There has been widespread speculation that Teresa is planning on divorcing Joe, who was said to be the instigator of the couple’s fraud plans.

In her interview on Watch What Happens Live, Teresa Giudice said she does not blame Joe for the situation, and doesn’t plan to leave him when her prison sentence ends.

“I don’t think he meant to hurt me in any way,” a tearful Teresa told interviewer Andy Cohen.

As the interview ended, the couple exchanged kisses and said they loved each other, while Joe accepted the blame for their legal troubles.

“I just want to apologize that I got you into this mess,” he said to his wife. “If I could take it all back, I would.”

Teresa Giudice has some support from within the Real Housewives family. Nene Leakes, who is featured on Real Housewives of Atlanta, said she “hurts” for Teresa. She also compared the situation to Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Apollo Nida, who himself is headed to prison for a fraud conviction.

“I probably felt the same way about Teresa as I did about Apollo… And just being a part of that, sometimes you have to sit and think, ‘Gosh I did not know my life would even take me these places or around these people,'” she told E! News. “And you form a connection with these people and you like them. And I just hurt for Teresa and I hurt for Apollo and I hurt for Phaedra. It’s sad! Because how I see it is they are good people. I know they broke the law but I still see them as good people and I hate that they have to go away for so long. It’s so hurtful.”

Teresa Giudice still has a bit of time to enjoy with her husband before she heads off to prison, but then will go close to four years without him. She is set to start her sentence in the beginning of January, and when her term is up, Joe will head to prison for 41 months.

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