WWE News: Randy Orton May Be Making Babyface Turn In Time For Wrestlemania 31

Randy Orton has been playing the role of the heel in The Authority for quite some time but some believe the WWE may be changing that very soon.

Many believe that injuries to other WWE superstars and a need to shake things up will mean a new role for Orton. Bleacher Report columnist Tom Clark predicted that Orton may be breaking free from his affiliation with The Authority and making a babyface turn.

Clark noted that the WWE has a strong “one-two punch” of babyface Superstars in John Cena and Dean Ambrose, but could need at least one more good guy.

Clark wrote:

Right now, it definitely appears that Cena and Ambrose are becoming the one-two punch of WWE’s babyface Superstars.

And this is good for the company, as both Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan are out with injury, Chris Jericho has left once again and CM Punk is long gone.

That amounts to four top protagonists, four guys who could be used on the main event level on any given night in the company. Reigns may be the weakest among them, but he was surely on his way there before being forced out with emergency surgery.

WWE needs another top face in the worst way.

Clark isn’t the only one predicting a babyface turn for Randy Orton. Late last month, PWMania.com reported that Orton would make his turn within the next three or four months, meaning he would go into Wrestlemania 31 as a face.

Fansided columnist Jack Jorgensen thinks this would be great not only for Randy Orton but for the WWE, which has some fans soured on his heel role in The Authority.

A possible babyface turn isn’t the only change on the horizon for Randy Orton. WrestleZone has reported that the WWE will be giving Orton a break and allowing him to work a limited number of live events. The change is because of a particular injury but instead to give the former champion a break from a schedule heavy with Raw and Smackdown tapings, the report noted.

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