Palin Family Brawl: Police Report Says Crowd Chanted ‘F**k The Palins,’ Bristol Dragged Around By Legs

Details have been scarce on the Palin family brawl that broke out at an Alaska house party last month, but now they’re starting to dribble out. The newest report on the Palin clan’s scuffle shows that the throw down was about as violent as it gets, with blood and ripped shirts and foul language galore.

That modern bastion of muckraking, TMZ, has reportedly come across the official police report filed after Sarah Palin’s family got into a scuffle at the home of Korey Klingenmeyer, a Palin family friend. According to that report, the trouble started when someone at the party shoved Willow Palin. Willow’s older sister, Bristol, apparently didn’t take too kindly to that.

Bristol told police she jumped into the fray but that Klingenmeyer shoved the Palin girl to the ground, dragged her around by her legs, and called her a s**t and a c**t. Bristol’s report doesn’t jibe with that of other witnesses, though, who say that the elder Palin girl struck Klingenmeyer first, hitting him five or six times before he grabbed her fist and pushed her to the ground. After that, the report says, “a bunch of wives tackled her a**.”

That’s about when the fun started. Reportedly, Track Palin and three or four others came to Bristol’s defense. Before long, much of the Palin clan, including Sarah’s husband Todd, were in on the action.

Todd is said to have gotten jumped by four people during the brawl and Track reportedly jumped in to defend his pop. For his trouble, Track Palin came out of the scuffle with a torn shirt and a bloody mouth. Bristol didn’t suffer any injuries, but police said she was disheveled, with “dirt on her knees.”

The full police report, obtained by Talking Points Memo, contains some truly delicious lines, such as “So Track then took off his shirt to fight,” and “[Track] could only describe them as skinny white males.”

Palin Brawl Police Report by tpmdocs

Once the scrap turned to full-on brawl, it’s said that there were 20 or more people involved. At one point, according to Willow, there was a crowd of several people egging the fight on, chanting “f**k the Palins!” in a manner one can only hope was similar to what would be heard at a Yankees away game.

Where was former Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin during all of this? The Lipstick Pitbull was sitting in a limo outside of the party but Palin reportedly came in later to try to calm things down.

That’s a bit different from early reports on the brawl, which had the politico Palin in the midst of the action, reportedly screaming at someone, “Don’t you know who I am?”

Earlier reports also had a more scandalous edge to them, with some saying that the Palin boys were the source of all the trouble. According to that retelling, Track Palin started to act up when he saw a man who had previously been in a relationship with Willow. Others say that the Palin boys were drunk and flirting with attached women at the party and that those women’s significant others didn’t take too kindly to that.

For an all-out brawl with 20 or more people involved, details on the Palin scuffle have been scarce, especially for something that happened during the smartphone era. Whether that is due to Palin’s team keeping a tight lid on matters or to the crowd drunkenly enjoying the proceedings is unknowable. In any case, no charges were filed as Klingenmeyer chose not to press charges and prosecutors followed suit.

But, really, nobody there had a smartphone? This sounds like WorldStar material of the highest quality.

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