Justin Bieber Parties In Rome Bar, (Mostly) Politely Asks For No Photos [Video]

Justin Bieber is still in Rome on a “world adventure” with his father Jeremy. And when in Rome, you party — but no photos please.

That was the Biebs’ (mostly) polite request to fellow patrons at the Scholars Lounge Irish Pub in Rome on Wednesday night, when the singer and his crew hung out on the dance floor.

At the time, Justin was dancing to a hip-hop track while surrounded by a mixed group of guys and about five girls that he didn’t look interested in. But, of course, that won’t be how it gets written up.

In a video obtained by TMZ, the 20-year old “Confident” singer dances and mouths along to the song in the darkened bar, while the crowd filmed the superstar in their midst on cell phones and cameras which produced flash.

After a few minutes of this, Justin is seen saying something to a pal while looking upset.

Seconds later, he reached for the nearby deejay’s mic before pleading with patrons to stop taking photos.

“Yo guys, please stop taking photos and stuff,” Bieber said, addressing the noisy crowd.

Continuing, the Canadian urged the revelers to, “Just enjoy your night, have some drinks, have some fun you know but put your camera down. Put your cameras down, have some fun, man.”

While most of the patrons appeared to comply with Bieber’s request, the singer was a little less polite when he noticed a group of guys in the back of the bar were still filming him.

“I see you dudes at the back,” Justin said in a sterner tone, while pointing out the unseen males. “Like some groupies,” said the singer just as the video footage ended.

Justin is well known for his dislike of being filmed or photographed in his downtime. There are two opposing views on that.

One, is that in most countries members of the public are free to film and photograph non-classified things or people.

And an Irish bar, in Rome, certainly qualifies as that.

The other, is that from Justin Bieber’s perspective, being constantly followed by paparazzi and the subject of mostly malicious media reporting has understandably worn away at his tolerance for being “on show” 24/7.

Both perspectives are valid. The only question is how the singer negotiates asking those around him to stop snapping.

In this case, TMZ reports the pop star made a verbal request and that was the end of the matter.

When in Rome indeed.

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