Beyonce Purchases “Mom Van” For $1 Million

Singer Beyonce and her rapper husband Jay-Z are preparing for parenthood like many parents, purchasing a van to haul around their soon to be born child.

Where the couple differs from most parents comes from the type of van they purchased, a $1 million customized Mercedes that features a $150,000 audio system, a full bathroom with a shower and wiring for DirectTV and WiFi access.

The van is apparently so big that Beyonce was helped out of the vehicle by two assistance when arriving at a meeting in New York City.

It shouldn’t surprise Beyonce fans that she would spare no expense for the arrival of her little tot, she has already converted 2,200 square feet of her TriBeCa apartment into a nursery, leaving one insider to muse:

“Some people are like, ‘Won’t you be scared to leave your baby in that huge room?'”

I’m pretty sure with a full bathroom and a shower with DirecTV Chris Farley would have been more than happy to live in this van down by the river.

Do you think the expecting couple have went a little bit overboard in planning for the arrival of their first child?

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