‘Avengers 3’, ‘Iron Man 4’ Rumors: Marvel Phase Three Could See A Lot Of New Faces

The latest Avengers 3 and Iron Man 4 rumors seem to be pointing to a lot of major changes in Phase Three of Marvel’s cinematic universe. While Joss Whedon teased death in the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron, it may be only the beginning of a complete overhaul in the Avengers 3 cast.

After Captain America: The Winter Soldier gave us one of the biggest shocks in the series, it seems that Whedon and the rest of the Marvel directors are looking to take much bigger risks in the coming films. The first of those risks was making Guardians of the Galaxy into a feature film, and it became a huge success.

GotG proved Marvel could even use characters that fans didn’t know much about and make a blockbuster, despite only featuring cameos from characters we’ve only seen once in previous films. Thanos made his second appearance since The Avengers, while the Collector made his second appearance since Thor: The Dark World.

One of the biggest persisting Avengers 3 rumors is that Robert Downey Jr. will return as Tony Stark, but he will be working with an entirely new team. This means that somewhere in Phase Three, we may see the final departure or possibly death of Captain America, Thor, and Hulk, according to IGN. This rumor was mostly fueled by speculation about the marquee actors’ contracts, which allegedly and mostly expire before Avengers 3 is planned to hit.

We may see a lot more of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, alongside the possible return of Hawkeye, as well as new teammates Ant-Man and Doctor Strange. With Joss Whedon’s well-known push for more female superheroes, we may also see Captain Marvel (who later became Ms. Marvel), another well-known Avengers heavy hitter.

While Ant-Man cast Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas for the main role, Joaquin Phoenix has dropped out of the Doctor Strange cast. Possible replacements for the role of Stephen Strange include Oscar Isaac, Patrick Wilson, and Mads Mikkelsen.

Other Avengers 3 rumors include the possible addition of Black Panther and Iron Fist, but it’s too early to know. Still, others indicate a possible teaming up with the Guardians of the Galaxy to take on Thanos in an epic showdown involving the Infinity Gauntlet.

Though Iron Man 4 rumors had once pointed to Robert Downey Jr. taking on another solo movie, it appears he won’t be making it after all. If Robert is part of the Avengers 3 cast, it may be the last time we see him in the role.

Solid details have yet to be confirmed for these Avengers 3 rumors, but so far it looks like Marvel is reinventing the story once again.

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