‘The Big Bang Theory’ Spoilers: Amy Praises Bernadette’s Breasts, Embarrasses Her Pal [Video]

The Big Bang Theory recently unveiled a few new previews for the upcoming episode titled “The Focus Attenuation,” and it appears as though Amy is having a hard time shifting her focus away from Bernadette’s attention-grabbing breasts.

According to Yahoo News!, Amy, Bernadette, and Penny are heading to Vegas for a girls’ getaway on the next episode of The Big Bang Theory. Unfortunately, Penny becomes a “buzzkill” when she gets an email from work, and she decides against joining her pals for a wild night out in Sin City.

However, Penny’s absence does give Amy a chance to point out something that many fans of The Big Bang Theory likely agree with — Penny isn’t the only hot blonde on the show.

“Look at you, your body’s banging!” an inebriated Amy says to Bernadette in the teaser video. Bernadette starts to get embarrassed, but Amy doesn’t stop praising her pal’s curves. “We’re always talking about how hot Penny is. Come on! Scientist to scientist, how big are those Hardron Colliders?”

It should be pretty obvious that Amy was referring to Bernadette’s breasts (drunk Amy is adorable and hilarious).

Amy and Bernadette were disappointed that Penny didn’t join them, but they did commend her for being responsible and working so hard to become a successful pharmaceutical rep. Kaley Cuoco’s character has come a long way on The Big Bang Theory — there’s no way the old Penny would spend her Vegas vacation working instead of sipping on giant drinks. However, her hard work pays off when she doesn’t end up with a horrific hangover — set photos from “The Focus Attenuation” hint that Bernadette and Amy eventually pay the price for downing margaritas bigger than both of Bernadette’s “Hardron Colliders.”

Bernadette and Amy definitely aren’t party girl pros like Penny, but the usually-reserved Big Bang Theory characters get buck wild in Vegas. According to Unreality TV, they eventually try to force Penny to party with them at a strip club by stealing her iPad. However, Penny refuses to drink, and she probably ends up babysitting her inebriated pals all night.

A second sneak peek for The Big Bang Theory shows what the guys are doing while the girls are away. They decide that they want to invent the next big thing, but it seems as though they’re all suffering from inventor’s block. Their night starts out with a Silence of the Lambs joke about Raj’s girlfriend Emily.

You can see if they succeed at coming up with something that will change the world when The Big Bang Theory airs Monday, October 13 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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