[Video] Leaked Walking Dead Season 5 Premier Clip Surfaces [Spoilers]

The Walking Dead Season 5 premiere is coming soon and a leaked clip has surfaced online. The clip, shared below, doesn’t give a lot of information that wasn’t in previously released Walking Dead trailers.

In the most recent trailer, for instance, Rick and the rest of his little group appear to already be outside the rail car seeking an escape from Terminus. In this clip, we see the group still inside the container as someone shouts orders from outside.

Check out the leaked Walking Dead clip below. It’s brief, and doesn’t hold much new information, but is still exciting and will get you pumping for Saturday’s release of the full premiere.


If you’re a Walking Dead fan, you’ll also be pleased to know the show has already been contracted for a sixth season according to Hollywood Reporter, so the drama and action won’t end when the season starting Sunday does. Robert Kirkman also recently announced the release of the newest Walking Dead novel, coming up on the 14th of October.

If that’s not enough zombies, AMC has also announced that there will soon be a spin-off, that they’re calling a “companion show” to the main series.

No one from the Walking Dead cast or crew has addressed the leaked video. There’s a watermark on it, marking that the copyright belongs to AMC, but there is no further information currently on whether the leak was intentional, to promote the upcoming season, or whether the video was leaked secretly. There’s no hint of who might have been behind the leak.

AMC shared the most recent official trailer on Monday, showing Rick, Daryl, Michonne, and the others walking through the woods. Since this is listed as a trailer for the season premiere, that rather indicates the Walking Dead protagonists will indeed escape Terminus in that first episode. You can see this trailer below.

According to USA Today, Steven Yuen has said that this season will take a look at pushing someone’s boundaries, and questioning just how much a person can take before they break — as though we didn’t see that last season when Rick ripped Joe’s throat out with his teeth!

Overall, it looks like we can expect the season premiere to include the Terminus folks opening up the rail car and Rick’s group preparing to fight back — only to see an attack it’s hard to imagine fighting against — and the group somehow making their way out of Terminus against all odds.

Will you be watching Walking Dead on Sunday?

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