Kevin Hart To Star In ‘The Intouchables’ — Here’s Why He Could Win An Oscar For It!

Kevin Hart has been chosen to star alongside Colin Firth in the American remake of The Intouchables, according to IndieWire.

By being chosen for this role, Kevin Hart was able to beat out a relatively short list of established actors — including Chris Rock, Idris Elba, and even Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx.

The Intouchables tells the story of a wealthy, white aristocrat (who will be played by Colin Firth) who becomes a quadriplegic after a major paragliding accident. The film focuses more on the working relationship (and growing friendship) that the aristocrat progressively forms with a street smart black man (who will be played by Kevin Hart) who has been hired to help him.

Back in 2011, the original French version of this film (which earned several prestigious awards and accolades) helped turn Omar Sy into an international star. This is the same role that Kevin Hart has signed up to handle. If he pulls it off, this role in The Intouchables could at least earn Kevin Hart an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor. How so?

Kevin Hart is primarily known for being the funny man in everything that he does. Whether he is filming a stand-up comedy special or making people laugh in one of his many comedic movie roles, Kevin Hart is primarily known as the guy who everyone laughs at but no one could potentially take seriously in a dramatic role.

By stepping up to the plate in The Intouchables, Kevin Hart will make the career-changing attempt to be considered for dramatic, scene-stealing roles. This would be the same move that Superbad actor Jonah Hill made in 2011 with Moneyball, which led to his first of two Oscar nominations. The same move that funnyman and stand-up comedian Jamie Foxx himself made by taking on Ray in 2004, which led to an Oscar.

Anyone who has seen The Intouchables knows that Omar Sy’s character, Driss Bassary, was able to shine a little comedy through his mostly dramatic role.

The funny part is clearly not where Kevin Hart will have a challenge on his hands — it’s the dramatic and emotionally-stirring side of that spectrum. However, it is apparently clear to director Paul Feig and The Weinstein Company that Kevin Hart is capable of taking on this challenge successfully.

Some people do not believe that Kevin Hart can do it.

What do you think?

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