Aubrey Plaza Is Game To Play She-Hulk

The odds of Marvel putting out a She-Hulk film when they have hesitated on rebooting a Hulk film are most likely zero to none, but this might give Marvel some thought.

In a recent interview with SciFiNow, Plaza said that she’s down for the Marvel character She-Hulk. For those that don’t know, She-Hulk is a supporting character in the Hulk saga. While Plaza is already committed to voicing Grumpy Cat, we can really picture her as the bookish cousin of Bruce Banner.

In the interview Plaza said, “She-Hulk? Oh my god, I would love to be She-Hulk. Because I had super-strength? Yes, I want to be She-Hulk. Write that movie and I’ll do it. I would love to be any kind of superhero or person with super-strength.”

The character of Jennifer Waters also turns green and is uber strong, just like Bruce Banner (hence She-Hulk). The Hulk himself, actor Mark Ruffalo, has championed for a few actresses when it was suggested that She-Hulk might wind up in the Avengers at some point.

So who does Mark Ruffalo want as She-Hulk? In his opinion Zoe Saldana and Emma Stone would be great picks.

“I think Zoe Saldana would be a great She-Hulk. I’d be nice to see someone like her join The Avengers. Or someone quiet and demure like Emma Stone would be nice. But it would be up to the powers that be.”

Well, both women are involved in other Marvel franchises. For Saldana we saw her in the huge blockbuster hit Guardians of The Galaxy, and for Stone she was already involved in the Spider-Man reboot.

That said, we still think Aubrey Plaza would make a pretty good pick for She-Hulk. Lately, the actress has departed from her dead-pan roles to focus on stretching herself. Her latest film Life After Beth was panned, but Plaza was a highlight as the dream girlfriend turned lunatic zombie.

Of taking a turn in her acting, Plaza said, “I don’t often get to use all of my demonic energy that is like deep down inside of me and have fun with that in parts, so it was really fun for me.”

Could you see Plaza as She-Hulk? Better yet, do you see this film getting made after director David S. Goyer’s misogynistic remarks that she’s nothing but a “giant green porn star”? Keep in mind that Stan Lee has already shot down that remark and Goyer would never be able to go near a Marvel production.

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