Cavs Sign Ray Allen, Garnett And Hibbert Could Be Coming Next

When the Cleveland Cavaliers formed their super team over the summer, it was assumed that they would eventually add free agent Ray Allen. After keeping everyone waiting for several months, it appears that Allen has finally decided to not retire and chase after one more championship with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

It’s been reported today by numerous sources that Allen is close to signing with the Cavs, and the deal in fact may already be done.

Allen, 39, has spent the last two seasons playing in Miami. He was a gigantic part in their 2013 championship, and was very forgettable in their NBA Finals to the San Antonio Spurs this past summer.

While it’s assumed that Allen has already inked a deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers, no one in Allen’s camp has come out and confirmed it. Cleveland seems to be the only realistic option other than the Los Angeles Clippers for Allen at this point.

Another rumor as to why Allen is waiting so long suggests he just needs additional rest after being a part of the Heat’s finals run last season. Many believe that he’ll join the Cavs a few weeks into the season and work his way into the rotation then.

Cleveland has really made it a point to add veteran leadership to go along with their young talent this off-season. So far, they’ve been able to add sharpshooters Mike Miller and James Jones, two former teammates of LeBron James’ in Miami. They’ve also added former for-time all-star Shawn Marion to the roster.

On top of wanting to add Allen, it’s been reported that the Cavs are also interested in acquiring Roy Hibbert from the Pacers and Kevin Garnett from the Nets.

It’s no secret that the Cavs need to acquire some rim-protecting big men, and even though Hibbert seemed to crumble during last year’s playoffs and Kevin Garnett seemed to be a shell of himself last season, they’d still be huge additions to the team.

We’ll likely figure out if there’s any truth to these rumors within the next couple of weeks, as opening night for the Cavs is just 22 days away. They open their season against the New York Knicks on October 30.

Do you think adding Ray Allen would be a difference-making move for the Cavs? How do you feel about them potentially adding Roy Hibbert and Kevin Garnett? Do you think the Cavs are already built to win a title and don’t need to make any more moves?

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