Brock Lesnar To Return To The UFC In 2015?

December 30, 2011 — That was the last time we saw the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion and former UFC Heavyweight Champion inside the octagon. There’s a great deal of speculation that after Lesnar’s contract expires post-WrestleMania 31 in March of next year, he’ll be looking to get back inside the octagon and make another run at the UFC Heavyweight Title.

Former WWE commentator and WWE hall of famer Jim Ross weighed in on Lesnar’s current status, and stated that according to someone in the know, Lesnar could be heading back to the UFC very soon. Ross also pointed out that uncertainty within the WWE’s creative team about Brock Lesnar’s future could affect how the current WWE Champion is booked over the next couple of months.

“Creatively from a strategic standpoint, WWE will need to find out sooner rather than later if Brock is interested in re-signing or not.”

Lesnar, who won the WWE Championship from John Cena back in August, could very well hold on to that title until WrestleMania 31 in March. If he decides he wants to make the jump to the UFC after his contract expires, then WWE may take the title off of him sooner.

In an interview over the summer, Brock Lesnar’s on-screen advocate and longtime friend Paul Heyman said that Brock is finally 100 percent healthy, and that there’s absolutely nobody in the UFC that could touch a healthy Brock Lesnar.

“If Brock Lesnar ever fought healthy in the UFC, I don’t see any fighter that could have touched him. Anything you saw him do, he did as an unhealthy man competing at the very top level on the face of the planet. Imagine what he could have done if he was 100-percent healthy.”

For almost his entire UFC career Brock Lesnar was suffering from a intestinal disease known as diverticulitis, and had to have a foot of his colon removed.

Lesnar, 37, finished his MMA career with a record of 5-3. He ended his UFC career with two straight TKO losses to Cain Velasquez and Alistair Overeem.

This isn’t the first time that Lesnar’s name has been in the UFC mix since he’s retired. Back in May 2012, Lesnar attended UFC 146, and met with UFC President Dana White after the event concluded. Later, White would reveal that they met to discuss Lesnar’s return to the UFC and to have him take on Fedor Emelianenko in what has been a longtime dream match. White thought they had a done deal, but shortly thereafter Emelianenko’s father passed away, and the former PRIDE champ lost all interest and motivation in fighting.

At Lesnar’s age, if he doesn’t make the move next spring to head back to the UFC then he’ll likely never fight again. Regardless of what he does, he’s a big draw for WWE, and was and would be a big draw in the UFC again, so he’s in a very good spot and will sign a big money deal with whatever organization he decides to work for.

Would you like to see Brock Lesnar back in the UFC? How do you think he would do? Could he make another run at the UFC title and possibly win it?

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