KFC: Wriggling Worms Found In Chinese Woman’s Chicken Wings, Offered Free Replacement Meal [Video]

A woman in Guangzhou, Guangdong, province China was disgusted after finding wriggling white worms in a bucket of KFC chicken, after half of the bucket was already consumed. Her disgust transitioned to disbelief when the fast food restaurant simply offered to replace the meal for free.

Liu Tsai purchased the 10 piece bucket from her local Chinese KFC and enjoyed about half of the bucket. She saved the leftovers to enjoy later, when hunger crept into her again. When she decided to feat upon another piece of KFC goodness, she noticed something moving in the chicken after taking a bite. Liu was disgusted when she realized the chicken was infested with tiny white maggots, and even more disgusted when she realized she had eaten five pieces that might have also contained the infestation. Immediately, she called Kentucky Fried Chicken and complained about the issue. The lack of compassion that was presented dropped her jaw to the floor, as they offered to rectify the situation by compensating her with a free combo meal.

“I felt sick, and the last thing I wanted to do was eat another chicken meal from KFC.”

Liu was so upset with KFC that she immediately contacted the local media to share her story. In addition to sharing her disgusting tale of chicken infestation, she provided the media with a video of the wriggling worm-like maggots. The video is not for the faint of heart, especially if you are enjoying a tasty chicken wing from KFC on your lunch break. Watch with caution.

A similar incident occurred in India in 2012, prompting a shut down of the KFC. There is no update on the status of the Chinese KFC, corporate headquarters has ordered an investigation into the incident and the restaurant itself. At the conclusion of the investigation in India, KFC officials stated that the chances of the incident happening again is nearly “negligible.” It is speculated that the investigation, this time around, will contain more depth to ensure the negligible chances are not repeated.

Kentucky Fried Chicken commented on the incident and claims that the Liu is lying about the incident.

“These claims relate to KFC China, and a story which was immediately investigated by KFC China and shown to be untrue.”

The worm-like maggots in the chicken, shown in the video, are disgustingly real, there is no debate over their validity. However, the woman ate five of the ten pieces from the bucket before realizing the presence of the maggots. KFC feels that the wriggling infestation was not a result of their restaurant’s substandard food, but instead manifested themselves while at the woman’s home.

Editor’s note: correspondence sent by Yum! Brands representatives to the Inquisitr stress that all KFC locations cook their chicken to company standards.

“We fully cook all of our chicken above 170°F, therefore it is impossible that something like this could have happened. We don’t know what happened when the product sat in the customer’s home for two hours, or why they would make this claim, but we can assure you that our strict cooking standards would not allow for this to happen.”

[Photo Courtesy: Metro UK]

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