Courteney Cox Working On New Sitcom To Reportedly Reunite ‘Friends’ — Here’s How!

Courteney Cox is working on a brand new sitcom that will reunite her with two of her Friends co-stars — Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow.

The Cougar Town actress is reportedly excited about being able to work with her former co-stars and close friends again. The spark of nostalgia and reminiscing actually struck Courteney Cox during an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live back in September, which reunited the three leading ladies of the hit NBC series Friends together on screen.

According to Heat magazine, an inside source leaked the details of Courteney Cox’s plan as well as the basic concept of their developing sitcom.

“Courteney wants to direct a pilot starring herself, Jen and Lisa as middle-aged women who have kids by artificial means. She started talks after their appearance on Jimmy Kimmel. They had another dinner together in LA…to discuss details and it went really well.”

The insider went on to say that Courteney Cox was not the only person excited about getting a chance to reunite with her former co-stars again.

“They’re all incredibly excited at the prospect of working together again. Doing Jimmy’s show reminded them how much fun they used to have.”

The overall subject matter of this new show, however, could be somewhat of a sensitive topic for Jennifer Aniston. As of right now, she is the only woman in the group of three who does not have a child. Recently, there have been quite a few rumors circulating online about pregnancy complications and struggles to have a baby, which have not been confirmed. However, if there is any truth to those rumors at all, a show of this nature might be exceptionally hard for Jennifer Aniston to involve herself with at this time.

However, according to a report released by Yahoo! New Zealand, that is not stopping Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, or Lisa Kudrow from taking full advantage of the opportunity to reunite on screen.

“Either way, the three girls are in total agreement that a work reunion of some sorts is in order.”

The timing for this type of sitcom would be perfect for all three women.

Cougar Town was renewed by TBS earlier this year for its sixth and final season, according to Entertainment Weekly, which will start to air all 13 episodes early next year. Therefore, Courteney Cox will have plenty of free time to jump into the cast of another sitcom, find her way back into the director’s chair, or use this type of opportunity to do both. Lisa Kudrow’s HBO series The Comeback has been renewed for a second season (after a nine-year hiatus), which will air all six episodes of its limited run later this year.

Jennifer Aniston has two films currently scheduled to be released in 2015 – Cake and She’s Funny That Way — so she might be able to squeeze in time for a sitcom as well.

What do you think? Should Courteney Cox see this project through and find a way to reunite the leading females of Friends on screen? Or, on the other hand, should Courteney Cox just take a break and figure out her next move after Cougar Town comes to an end next year?

[Image Credit: Cinema Blend & New York Daily News]

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