Charlie Sheen To Dress As Charlie Sheen For Halloween

Who likes Charlie Sheen more than Charlie Sheen? Nobody that’s who and that’s why it makes perfect sense that Sheen would dress as himself for Halloween.

In all fairness to the former Two and a Half Men star his face is making for the most sought after Halloween mask for the treat-or-treat season which means if everyone else is doing it why shouldn’t he.

Sheen recently tweeted:

Trick or Treat Cadre!
Got my Halloween costume… All set!
(yeah… This really confused the kids!!)

He then linked to the photo shown above.

I spotted the Charlie Sheen mask at Spirit Halloween a few weeks ago and it appeared to be winning as there were very few left on the shelf weeks before Halloween was even close to arriving.

If you can’t find a Charlie Sheen mask don’t fret you can just cover your nose in powdered sugar and walk around with two of your skankiest friends clinging to your arms.

Are you surprised that the Charlie Sheen mask has become so popular?

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