Chelsea Handler Flashes Boob On Twitter As Publicity Stunt — Here’s Why It Worked!

Chelsea Handler has pushed the envelope yet again — by flashing her boob on Twitter!

This was definitely a publicity stunt without a doubt. Chelsea Handler made sure that was made perfectly clear with the caption of this tweeted NSFW picture on her official Twitter page.

“Follow SiriusXM and @EWLive for a preview of my Town Hall with Dave Grohl.”

The SiriusXM Town Hall special is currently scheduled to air on Thursday. During the special, Chelsea Handler will be answering questions about her life and her career overall. The highlight of the Town Hall special and the primary purpose of it, however, is to promote her upcoming Netflix comedy special, Uganda Be Kidding Me.

Dave Grohl, the frontman of the Foo Fighters, more than likely jumped at the chance of hosting this SiriusXM Town Hall interview. This is primarily because Dave is used to Chelsea Handler’s controversial sense of humor, especially since he was one of the most frequent guests featured on her hit E! series Chelsea Lately during its seven-season run.

The SiriusXM interview was actually recorded on Monday, with Chelsea Handler nursing a cocktail and Dave Grohl drinking a beer inside of a glass-enclosed studio at SiriusXM.

The 50-minute interview was basically an opportunity for Dave Grohl and Chelsea Handler to just talk about whatever came to their minds without any censorship.

According to Rolling Stone, Dave Grohl and Chelsea Handler got a chance to discuss quite a few different topics — including the pandemonium-filled finale of Chelsea Lately, their mutual hatred of reality show TV personalities, Chelsea’s limited comprehension of astronomy, and cocaine.

Perhaps Chelsea Handler flashed her breast in a Twitter photo as a way of showing how she was not going to hold anything back during the SiriusXM interview or, more importantly, during her upcoming Netflix special.

The comedy special will be debuting on Netflix on Friday — one day after the broadcast of her SiriusXM Town Hall interview with Dave Grohl. The comedy special was a major topic covered during the interview — including full details of Chelsea Handler’s deal.

Many people might feel offended by the fact that Chelsea Handler would post this type of picture on her Twitter profile for more than 5.5 million followers to see.

Others might be excited about the picture.

That is basically an explanation of Chelsea Handler’s comedy in general — offensive to some, enticing to others. Chelsea Handler deciding to post a picture of her openly exposed breast on Twitter had a two-fold purpose — (1) to draw attention to the SiriusXM interview and (2) to remind the world of their love/hate relationship with Chelsea Handlers’ comedy in order to boost exposure for her Netflix comedy special.

What do you think? How do you feel about Chelsea Handler and this controversial picture?

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