Hank Baskett Cheating Rumors Confirmed By Alleged Frantic Phone Call With Transsexual Model

Following allegations that former NFL pro Hank Baskett cheated on his partner, Kendra Wilkinson, with a transsexual model, Kendra appeared to be either in denial or, at best, just protecting her man from the media.

For example, earlier this week Wilkinson said to reporters, “They claim that there’s proof out there that my husband cheated on me. But there really is no proof.”

Now it seems that poor Kendra may have to eat her words, as the latest evidence that the cheating took place is very compelling.

According to a report on Radar Online, previously unreleased audio recordings of an alleged conversation between Baskett and the model, Ava Sabrina London, have now come to light.

In the conversation, the male voice answers to the name of “Hank,” and apparently does sound like the pro footballer. In the audio, dated May 29, the male voice can be heard frantically begging the female voice on the other end not to spill the beans about their encounter a month earlier.

In one part of the conversation, the male voice can be heard pleading with the person he is speaking to.

“I just wanted to confirm that you hadn’t said anything, They just said two weeks before Kendra was pregnant that I hooked up… I hate to say it ’cause I would never say this word, but they said I hooked up with a tranny.”

In response to that London reassured Hank, saying, “I didn’t say nothing.”

She went on to speak about the fact that despite the money she had been offered to reveal what she knew, she was keeping quiet and not exposing Hank, at the time.

To that, the man says, “Thank you so much, thank you. You’re making me feel so much better right now because you said you didn’t say anything.”

For whatever reason, London changed her mind at some point, and instead of covering for Hank, sold the audios to the highest bidder, leaving Baskett with a lot of explaining to do to Kendra.

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