Liam Payne Defends Girlfriend Sophia Smith From Bullies On Twitter

Liam Payne doesn’t appreciate the way certain people treat girlfriend Sophia Smith on Twitter these days. What’s more, he isn’t going to take it.

Since social media is good for nothing but hoaxes, bullying, and creepiness, it’s not altogether surprising that some One Direction fans are picking on Payne’s main squeeze. After all, Directioners are decidedly possessive lot, which means they’re not always the friendliest towards the people the singers choose to date.

According to Yahoo! Celebrity UK, Liam recently jumped to Sophia’s defense when a particularly nefarious fan decided to send some digital hate in her general direction. Since Payne has genuine feelings for the girl, he decided to address the situation — you guessed it — on social media. In short: Payne is pretty irritated.

The situation began after Liam Payne received some pretty nasty direct messages on Twitter. Instead of letting the person get away with it, the singer decided to address the bully head-on. Although the authenticity of the screenshot is still up for debate, Payne hasn’t denied defending Smith as of this writing.

Here’s what Liam had to say to this cyberbully.

“You know what.. F*** you… You need help. When you find somebody who you care for like I do Sophia maybe you’ll understand. Until then, grow up child there’s more to life than being sat at ur computer.”

Check out the screenshot of the alleged conversation below.

J-14 reports that Liam Payne ended the drama with a tweet that showed his appreciation for 1D fans who aren’t interesting in stirring up trouble.

So how did all this drama start? It’s possible that someone was feeling a little jealous about a comment Payne made about his girlfriend on Twitter. Since the very idea of their favorite One Direction singer thinking about another female is too much to bear, they decided to lash out in the worst way possible.

What do you think about an overzealous One Direction fan picking on Liam Payne’s girlfriend? Do you think he was right to respond the way he did?

[Lead image via Irish Mirror]

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