Ricky Martin Tweets ‘Education Is Like An Erection’ – What Happened Next Will Shock You!

Ricky Martin is making headlines yet again – but not for his music or his love life. Ricky Martin is making headlines for what he tweeted earlier this month about education.

Just in case you cannot read Spanish, the translation of this tweet posted by Ricky Martin on his official Twitter page October 1st will make things a little clearer for you.

“An education is like an erection, if you have one, people can tell.”

The most surprising part about this tweet is that it did not receive hardly any backlash as of yet. On the contrary, it seems as if this seemingly controversial tweet posted by Ricky Martin was actually a fan favorite. As of right now, it has been re-tweeted more than 6,700 times and marked as a favorite by over 6,400 followers.

Of course, a tweet of this nature has also spawned quite a few jokes and comments that make light of the topic as well – something that Ricky Martin more than likely expected as well.

It should be no surprise at all that Ricky Martin is so outspoken – especially when it comes to a topic that he cares about as much as education.

For the vast majority of his career, Ricky Martin has not been ashamed to publicly defend a child’s right to having a quality education. Martin even established a foundation in his own name back in 2004 to serve two primary objectives – (1) abolish the international problem of child trafficking and (2) provide education to children.

According to the official website of the Ricky Martin Foundation, education is viewed by Ricky Martin and his support team as “an anchor.”

“Education is our anchor. It allows us to strengthen the prevention and protection of this most vulnerable segment of the population.”

His efforts have definitely not gone in vain. Recently, Ricky Martin was able to establish and open a brand new education center in his native home, Puerto Rico. According to a statement that Martin made at the official opening and inauguration ceremony, the center was able to provide assistance for 120 at-risk children and teenagers.

“We come here with the commitment to raise awareness about human trafficking and to eradicate it, which is the purpose of my foundation.”

Perhaps the reason why this Ricky Martin tweet was able to fly beneath the radar for quite a while was because it was posted in Spanish. Regardless of the reason why this particular tweet from Ricky Martin took several days to become a trending topic, no one should expect Ricky Martin to take back his words or even delete the message any time soon.

[Image Credit: FOX News Latino]

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