Piers Morgan Calls Obama ‘A Big Disappointment’

In an exclusive interview on Fox’s Hannity program, former CNN anchor Piers Morgan took to bashing President Obama with his once-rival Sean Hannity. The two have been at odds in the past, but Morgan pointed out that Hannity was always “chivilrous” about it, so he’d agreed to go into the Fox studios to be on his show. Piers is now the editor-at-large in the United States for the Mail Online.

Since being dropped by CNN, which included a harsh statement by Rupert Murdoch, Piers Morgan has been largely out of the limelight. The Hannity appearance marks a sort of return for Morgan, whose editorial in the Mail Online caught the Fox show host’s eye. Hannity quoted some of that article at the opening of the interview.

“The real scandal is a president who is so complacent about protecting Americans.”

The interview on Hannity was about eight minutes long and included some back-and-forth agreement on what both Piers Morgan and Hannity see as failures of President Obama. Morgan said that Obama has destroyed any hope of a long-standing legacy, including his failure to pass any measurable gun control legislation – a topic which made Piers Morgan a hotbed during his career at CNN. He agreed with Hannity’s assessment that Obama “blames everyone but himself.”

The interview, considered a complete reversal by Piers Morgan on his support for Obama, was heavily touted on Fox, hitting The Nation this morning. Even non-Fox news outlets talked about the interview. NBC’s Today program aired a short discussion of the “polarizing public figure” and his views on Obama.

Blaming Obama’s foreign policy strategy, Piers Morgan said that the president was ignoring the threat of ISIS in the Middle East. “It’s not good enough to simply say ‘yes, I’m really upset about this beheading’ and then go golfing,” Morgan said. Hannity used that to parlay into another jab at the president’s time on the course versus his time in intelligence briefings.

The interview then turned more personal as Piers Morgan and Sean Hannity discussed Morgan’s former employer, CNN, their one-sided rivalry, and how Fox conducts its business. Morgan was complimentary to the news outlet, saying it engenders loyalty from its viewers with its “particular brand of journalism.” He was quick to quip on Hannity, of course.

“You don’t have to agree with it all, and I don’t. I have to watch your show, I want to shout at you myself from my couch.”

Hannity unintentionally drew Piers Morgan into a gun debate, but cut it short to keep the show cordial and within its time constraints. For the most part, outlets have noted the scathing remarks Morgan made about Obama. Once a strong supporter of the president, Piers seems to have cooled down and even turned away from Obama. Some might question whether this is Piers Morgan “seeing the light” or merely grabbing more headlines for his new career.

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