Quadruplets?!? Viral Video Of Parents-To-Be Sharing Their Shocking News! [Video]

Everyone loves a happy ending — especially one eight years in the making. That is exactly what happened to Utah couple Ashley and Tyson Gardner. After spending thousands of dollars and years of fertility treatments to bring a baby into this world, Ashely and Tyson find out they are having quadruplets.

Ashley 4

But here’s the cincher, according to ABC News, only two embryos were implanted. Both embryos split, bringing the result of two sets of identical twins. The odds of this happening is one in 70 million.

It’s almost if they’ve won the lottery. And to them, it feels much greater than that.

Having been disappointed time and time again, wanting so desperately to have a child, it was determined after years of testing and even exploratory surgery that Ashley had a severe case of endometriosis as reported by Tech Times. Ashley’s endometriosis “compromised her eggs to the point that none were viable.”

As a last resort, the couple decided to try in-vitro fertilization. What must have been an overwhelming emotional and physical rollercoaster for Ashley and Tyson didn’t seem as though it would come to an end any time soon. Tyson told ABC News that only two of the nine embryos implanted were viable, already seeming like the odds were against them.

“When you finally get there, you feel beaten down and still have a steep hill to climb.”

Seven weeks after the procedure, Ashely had her ultrasound to determine if she had a viable pregnancy. Imagine the shock and indescribable joy as Ashley and Tyson were told by the ultrasound technician they were having twins.

Ashley and Tyson Gardner

Tyson then recalls to ABC News what happened next.

“After about a minute of staring at the screen, she said there’s four babies in here! Me and Ashley’s faces went pale white.”

Ashely 2 e

As Ashely and Tyson Gardner prepare for their roles of Mom and Dad, they wanted to share their journey with the world. They did so by creating a touching and inspiring video, which has quickly gone viral!

Photo Credit: WKRN.com, News.com.au, Undercovercalifornia.com, Blogs.babycenter.com

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