Woman Too Pretty For Dating Websites? See Woman Who Thinks She’s ‘Too Attractive To Use Dating Websites’

Can a woman be too pretty for dating websites? In England, a woman believes she’s “too attractive to use dating websites.”

33-year-old Paula Jayne Allen claims she’s so pretty that she couldn’t find someone to love her for who she is. In fact, Paula thinks she has it harder than women who are overweight!

In an exclusive interview with Mail Online, the now-happily married Allen recounts her experience with online dating sites eHarmony and Match.com. She shares that men only wanted her for a one-night stand and to be their arm candy. With all of the turmoil she faced trying to find men on dating websites, she concluded that the issue fell with her good looks.

Paula Jayne Allen
Paula Jayne Allen

“I am a size six, with long blonde hair and blue eyes and have done a bit of modeling in the past,” Paula says. “When it came to trying to find a man who would see me as more than just ‘piece of meat,’ it was so hard. I just felt like eye candy.”

“I decided to try it because all of the sites guarantee to match you up with someone who shares your interests, so it’s more about personality, and I was fed up with all of the men in the bars looking for skirt.”

“But it made no difference.”

“You’d regularly get people getting in contact just saying, ‘Fancy meeting up for a f**k?'”

“You’d get married men just wanting fun and you’d get people saying, ‘I just need someone for one night, can you do me a favor?’

“It really was truly awful.”

The woman from Essex goes on to say that when she did meet the men in person, they were only interested in showing her off to their friends. She claims their friends looked up her and down before giving their approval. On top of that, Paula says the men’s girlfriends would give her the evil glare and felt threatened.

Paula Jayne Allen with her husband and two children.
Paula Jayne Allen with her husband and two children.

“It got frustrating, it got disheartening and I gave up,” Allen says.

She felt used and grew fed up with so many men from the dating sites being “sleazebags.” Paula says married men would constantly make indecent proposals to her; they’d ask her to be their mistress.

Five years later, this woman who thinks she’s too attractive for online dating found her husband. She’s now happily married with a family. After looking up an old friend from a decade ago, they reconnected and have been together ever since.

Ironically, the woman who inspired Paula to tell her story was Verity Brown, a woman who told Mail Online she couldn’t get dates with men because she was overweight. Paula sent a message to Verity and other women who wish to change themselves in order to find a man.

With these parting words, Paula has some encouraging words to say.

“I’ve ever won awards or used my beauty to get anywhere.”

“My best friend is a size 20, but she doesn’t care in the slightest – we’re like little and large – and but she gets more attention than I do because she has so much confidence.”

“It doesn’t matter about the size, just whether you are happy in yourself.”

There have been other news stories about women who claim they’re too attractive or beautiful for the regular things in life most people do. The Inquisitr reported on another British woman who said she was too pretty to work, saying “sex pests and jealous females” hounded her.

As Huffington Post reported a few years back, Lauren Odes claimed she was fired for being “too hot.”

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