Tim McGraw, Faith Hill Split?: Country Star Looking ‘Gaunt,’ Marriage Could Be Over

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill split rumors have been hanging around the internet, and this week is no different. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Tim and Faith have been having disagreements due to “drugs, lies and the other woman.” Apparently Tim has had some sort of relapse, as evidenced by his weight loss… and the whole “slapping” of a female fan at a concert over the summer.

“Rumors began to swirl that alcohol or drugs may be at the root of the incident, and it looks like there was some truth to them, because Tim recently revealed an unhealthy skeletal body on national television and is reportedly down to just 138 pounds,” reports Celebrity Dirty Laundry.

Tim McGraw has appeared much thinner than usual and some sources insist that he is depressed. The root cause of said depression? A failed marriage. According to Hollywood Life, fans have noticed that McGraw is looking rather gaunt lately — and they have taken to social media to compare notes. Each time Tim does an appearance, someone seems to notice his dwindling waist line.

Many fans reacted to Tim’s performance on Good Morning America last month, where he did look very slender. Check out the following photos and judge for yourself.

Tim McGraw has battled Faith Hill split rumors in the past, and the couple has done a fine job proving that they are still very much in love… like kisses and butt-grabs during performances. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Faith even posted a sweet selfie of her and her hubby when rumors were going wild back in June.

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