Kendra Wilkinson Confirms That She And Hank Baskett Are Still Together, Says He’s Getting Therapy

Kendra Wilkinson is willing to try to work things out after husband Hank Baskett was caught cheating, but added that her man still has a lot of work to do to make things right again.

The reality television star has been open about her marital problems, speaking about the heartbreak she felt upon learning that Hank was having an affair with a transsexual woman. But Kendra added that she understands it was just a bad mistake, saying Hank is not a bad person at all.

“He was never a d*****bag,” Kendra told E! News while promoting her new reality show, Kendra on Top. “He was never an a**hole. He’s always been the most perfect man on earth.

Now that image is a little tarnished, Kendra added.

“Now, he’s Superman without the cape,” she continued. “He needs a lot of work. That’s the issue. People looked at him like he was Superman and he probably made one little mistake and now the whole world sees this bad image and I hate that. It’s so sad. He does deserve sympathy. He’s not a bad guy. He’s a very amazing person who was trapped in a very bad situation.”

Kendra said in an interview with Us Weekly that they are not exactly back together, saying she is “still trying to piece everything together.” But at the same time, she is not ready to give up her marriage without a fight.

Kendra Wilkinson said she and Hank are in couple’s counseling, and Hank is also seeking help on his own.

Though many have accused Kendra of manufacturing the drama for television ratings (or at least playing it up for the cameras), she added that the therapy won’t be making its way onto her new show. Kendra also said that she is focusing on her kids, four-year-old Hank IV and five-month-old Alijah.

Kendra Wilkinson admitted she does have some reservations with taking Hank back, however, and isn’t positive he’s telling the truth when he says there are no other women. Kendra added that she has a fear it could turn into a “Tiger Woods situation.”

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