‘Destiny’ Going Offline Several Hours Tuesday For Stability Hot Fix

If you planned to spend Tuesday, October 7 playing Destiny on your PlayStation or Xbox console, time to come up with a backup plan. Bungie just announced that the game will be unplayable for “several hours” while maintenance is being performed to help solve stability issues that some gamers have experienced.

Destiny will go down at approximately 10 a.m. ET / 7 a.m. PT on Tuesday, according to a post by the Destiny development team on Bungie’s website. A new hot fix patch will be delivered during this time, but it won’t make any gameplay changes to the sci-fi shooter. Instead, its sole purpose is to improve the player experience by reducing the number of instances where players are kicked to orbit or disconnected from the game altogether.

Networking problems with Destiny have not been widespread, but they have affected a number of users with animal named errors like Beaver, Flatworm, and Leopard. Destiny players on some university networks have also encountered the Centipede error code. Both will be addressed with this hot fix patch, along with additional fine tuning and the removal of a bug that allowed some players to quick scope on some weapons.

Client fixes

    • Added more data logging for matchmaking systems
  • Improved connectivity failure handling to reduce beaver (Kick To Orbit events) KTOs
  • Improved logging of player disconnections
  • Internal tools fixes to speed up our release process
  • Fixes to the roster system to allow us to tune the frequency of roster updates on Xbox One
  • Fixed a bug that allowed users to quick scope on some weapons

Server Fixes

    • Security fixes
  • Server performance improvements
  • Fixes to reduce the frequency of some KTOs
  • Better logging to help diagnose connectivity problems
  • Fixes to some Centipede errors that were exclusive to specific player characters

The bad news, of course, is that Destiny will be down for several hours on Tuesday. This will likely impact European players the most since it is during their prime time playing hours. North American users will be less impacted since most will either be at school or at work. It’s also not the best timing since the Iron Banner event will also launch the same day.

The good news is that Bungie is regularly updating the game. We’ve already seen three updates to the game, and this will make the third hot fix patch to be released a month after release. Bungie has already stated what other updates are coming, while I added in some of my own changes I’d like to see.

Will you be down that Destiny will be offline for a while on Tuesday? Or are you one of those affected by Beaver and Centipede errors? Let us know in the comments below.

[Images via Bungie]

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