Here’s what Batman: Arkham City looks like on PC

It kind of goes without saying that multiplatform titles will, for the most part, look considerably better on PC, especially this late in the generation. It’s no surprise, then, that Batman: Arkham City on PC looks positively gorgeous.

In a video released by NVIDIA earlier today, we get to see just what the differences between the two versions will be. For starters, the textures appear to look cleaner and higher-res and anti-aliasing is in full effect, but the most noticeable difference is with PhysX.

Specifically, you’ll be able to see added detail in certain areas, such as shards of ice, money littered across the floor, and increased number of particles in sparks, for example.

If you’d like to see what Batman: Arkham City looks like running on a beefed up PC, you can check out the video provided by NVIDIA below. Additionally, you can find a couple of comparison shots of DX11’s tessellation feature in action over at this link.

Batman: Arkham City is due out on PCs on November 15.

via Destructoid, NeoGAF

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