Kaley Cuoco Wants To Appear On This ABC TV Show Because Of Her Dogs

Kaley Cuoco is making a killing on The Big Bang Theory, but that $1 million-per-episode salary might not be enough for the bubbly blonde.

Kaley recently revealed that she really wants to appear on an ABC TV series, and surprisingly it isn’t Once Upon a Time (she’d make a perfect princess). Instead, Cuoco has an invention that she’d love to try to sell on Shark Tank.

Kaley Cuoco documented why she decided to invent the “doggie bib” on her Instagram page. First Kaley posted a photo of her dog Norman drooling while watching Ryan Sweeting eat a salad. The talented pup even managed to blow a drool bubble.

Kaley Cuoco Dog Drool

Luckily, clever Cuoco quickly came up with a way to prevent Norman from making drool puddles all over the floor — she simply tucked a napkin into his collar, and the doggie bib was born. Kaley Cuoco shared an Instagram photo of her creation along with a caption begging Shark Tank for an invite to appear on the show.

“Dear #sharktank, doggie bibs. #slamdunk #milliondollaridea”

Kaley Cuoco Invents Doggie Bibs

Kaley’s next photo showed two satisfied customers, and Cuoco bragged that her company is already well on its way to becoming a success.

“Our idea is sweeping the nation. We have already sold two doggie bibs. #sharktank #strikewhiletheironishot”

Kaley Cuoco's Husband And Dog

Kaley Cuoco’s poor dog doesn’t look too happy about being on a vegan diet.

EnStarz suggests that Kaley should give her husband credit for the doggie bib idea. The actress is too busy with The Big Bang Theory to spend any of her time trying to start a new company, but Ryan Sweeting might need something to keep himself busy. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the tennis pro hasn’t been competing much recently, and he’s made under $200 in prize money this year.

However, it’s obvious from Kaley Cuoco’s photos that she’s the creator of the doggie bib –Ryan Sweeting is just a customer, but hopefully he doesn’t drool as much as Norman. It should also be pretty obvious that Kaley was just joking about trying to market regular napkins as doggie bibs.

Coincidentally, the October 13 episode of The Big Bang Theory will be about inventions. While Penny, Bernadette, and Amy enjoy a girls’ getaway in Vegas, the boys will be back home trying to invent something. However, even the brightest minds can fall prey to the temptation of procrastination. The guys also have a tendency to over think things — people would probably purchase doggie bibs, but there’s no way Sheldon would be impressed by Kaley Cuoco’s idea.

According to Hypable, tonight’s episode of The Big Bang Theory will be about Raj introducing his girlfriend Emily to the group. Penny gets the feeling that Emily doesn’t like her, and she tries to figure out why (here’s a hint: it probably has something to do with something that happened a few seasons ago).

What do you think of Kaley Cuoco’s doggie bibs?

[Images via CBS, Kaley Cuoco/Instagram]

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