Jaden Smith Expresses Great Respect For Dad, Sister

Jaden Smith seems to have a rather strong affection for his family. The 16-year-old son of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith spoke in a recent interview about how he sees his father as someone who is “pretty much a philosopher.” Jaden also talked about his sister, Willow Smith, who at 13 is already a recording artist.

According to Cover Media, Jaden thinks her latest hit “Whip My Hair” is something that most people twice her age wouldn’t be able to make.

“I love the topic of love. I think teenage love is so crazy, so blind and so awesome that I’m glad Willow is here to express to us what it’s like to fall in love at whatever age Willow is,” Jaden Smith gushed in the interview.

When talking about his father, Jaden couldn’t help but show his love and admiration. The teen boy talked about the number of different topics the actor and rap star understands. His love for his father, as well as a near sense of awe, shown through in the interview.

“He knows so many things. He’s into mathematics, so when he sees me getting into maths and sees me building, working power tools and learning how to cut angles he’s like, ‘Wow,’ and that makes me feel really good.”

Jaden also talked about how he credits his parents with helping him to be in a good place mentally most of the time. For some who are watching Smith carefully, this last statement might raise some eyebrows. Jaden is known for taking to Twitter to voice some conspiracy theories, which are at the very least, odd. Of course, when you take into account that Smith is only 16-years-old, it makes sense he might have some theories others find silly or strange. Most 16-year-olds don’t have every word they utter under a microscope the way the eldest Smith sibling does.

Jaden being under the microscope has done more than given us a glimpse into his love of family. Page Six recently reported he’s still attempting to kindle a romance with Kendall Jenner. If the Karate Kid star is romancing one of the stars of the Kardashians, he might be able to bring his respect for family along. Jenner and her sisters are notorious for getting into highly publicized feuds on national television. Neither Kendall Jenner nor Jaden Smith have ever gone public with any sort of confirmation that they are dating, instead making vague comments left open for interpretation.

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