‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason Morgan Is Conscious, Franco Spies On Carly And Sonny

Jason Morgan is back on General Hospital, but the residents of Port Charles are still in the dark regarding his identity. How long will it take for everybody to figure it out? Fans are anxious for General Hospital spoilers for the week of October 6, and there are some juicy details available.

During Monday’s show, General Hospital spoilers from She Knows Soaps indicate that Liz will feel some hope about John Doe’s diagnosis, and everybody is anxious to see what will happen now that he’s opened his eyes. This will surely play out for a bit yet, but fans are anxious for progress.

Will Jason remember who he is? Viewers are guessing he won’t, but it’s clear that the groundwork is being laid for Liz and Jason to get another shot at love. Will things fall in to place this time?

Maxie and Nathan are slowly moving forward on a possible romance, but she is hesitant. However, General Hospital spoilers from the “Official Morgan Corinthos” Facebook page indicate that a judge’s orders could nip this romance in the bud.

Tracy, Sam, and Patrick will set a trap for Luke, and Tracy wants a moment alone with her husband. As the week continues, Patrick and Sam will find themselves in an unexpected position, while Alexis will have her own unexpected moment when she comes upon Ned and Olivia on a date.

Other General Hospital spoilers indicate that Franco will tell Sonny he wants an apology while Sonny will tell Shawn that it’s time to deal with Franco. Franco and Nina have caught Carly and Franco getting frisky and this situation is bound to get ugly. Also, Ned’s father is back in Port Charles this week on GH.

Rosalie finds Ava at Morgan’s place, and she will be hesitant to agree to keep her location a secret. Ava is dealing with increasing pain, and she ends up going into labor. Elsewhere in Port Charles, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Liz will turn to Dante for help, while Sabrina will start to doubt herself after going to see Carlos.

As the week continues, Milo and Epiphany will have an awkward date, while Lucy and Duke grow close. Obrecht will be surprised to see someone, and Silas will start to wonder if he was wrong about things regarding Nina.

Tune in to General Hospital airing weekdays on ABC to see just how things play out with the return of Jason Morgan, now played by Billy Miller, Maxie and Nathan’s romance and Carly and Sonny’s affair.

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