Jennifer Aniston Pregnant With A Girl, Adopting Soon, Or None Of The Above? 

There have been so many rumors circulating recently regarding the alleged pregnancy of our favorite Friends star Jennifer Aniston, 45, that it’s hard to know who and what to believe. News outlets and tabloids are competing strenuously to offer their version of events in the Aniston-Theroux household.

For a start, there’s the report in the Hollywood Gossip from October 1 which alleges that the actress is indeed pregnant, possibly with a girl, quoting an article in Life & Style magazine’s October print edition.

“After years of struggling with infertility, she had been considering adoption — and during their trip, Justin told his lady love he was on board, too,” the report stated.

But there are also a good number of rumors regarding an adoption that Aniston and her partner apparently wish to undertake as soon as possible.

A report from Classicalite on October 2, for example, claims that Aniston and Theroux are in the process of adopting rather than having a baby themselves.

As per that report, “After months of reports that former Friends star Jennifer Aniston is pregnant with her first child, a new tabloid article suggests that Jennifer is in the process of adopting a baby.”

Then again, according to Jennifer Aniston’s spokesperson, Stephen Huvane, all of the speculations concerning Jennifer are “absurd,” as Huvane told Page Six, “We don’t have an answer to this question. It’s beyond absurd and proves the point that no one should believe what’s written in the tabloids and gossip columns and blogs.”

For Justin’s part, as he revealed in an interview recently with the British Marie Claire magazine, he pays little heed to the rumors about himself and Jennifer.

“I don’t pay much attention unless I catch a glimpse [of a tabloid headline] at the checkout. It’s usually someone else telling me what’s happening with my life. The man on the street clapping me on the shoulder, saying congrats, and I’m like, oh-kay, I have no idea what that’s about,” he said.

Nevertheless, when rumors such as these arise, there’s usually “no smoke without fire,” so don’t be surprised if an official Jennifer Aniston pregnancy announcement comes soon. It wouldn’t be beyond belief; after all, she isn’t getting any younger.

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