Jennifer Lawrence: ‘Hunger Games’ Actress’ Relationship With Chris Martin Just For Show?

Jennifer Lawrence hasn’t responded to the second wave of the Fappening, or any wave of the infamous celebgate for that matter. Although the Hunger Games actress’ legal team has pledged to combat any further circulation of the alleged risque pics, the Oscar-winning performer herself hasn’t said anything about the photo leak. This might be because Lawrence is simply having too much of a blast with Coldplay’s Chris Martin to care about pesky Hollywood issues.

According to Radar Online insiders at last month’s iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas, Jennifer and Martin practically announced the relationship to the world by “kissing passionately” at an exclusive backstage area, right before Coldplay took the stage by storm. Remember that Lawrence hasn’t actually confirmed yet if she is really dating the singer, although they have been spotted together at a few intimate places, before they were caught exchanging hot kisses in Las Vegas.

By engaging in a hot kissy session Sleeping Beauty would envy, Jennifer Lawrence basically confirmed to the world something that has been so obvious for the past few months. The good thing is, most people appear to be on board with Jennifer’s new beau, including Martin’s ex-wife, Gwyneth Paltrow. The Iron Man actress has allegedly already given her blessing to Jennifer, who reportedly gets along just fine with Paltrow’s kids, Apple and Moses.

However, despite the very clear evidence, some fans remain skeptical of Lawrence’s new found love. A few people on social media speculate that the romance between Jennifer Lawrence and the 37-year-old rock star is all for show, just to keep fans abuzz as movie deals come rushing in for Jennifer. With the first part of Mockingjay set to open on theaters this year, and the next X-Men allegedly focusing on the life and works of Mystique, it isn’t too difficult to believe this wild speculation. Is this relationship all just a set-up to keep followers alive, alert, and wanting for more Lawrence?

Fake relationships — especially in Hollywood 00 aren’t unheard of, but fans who have watched Jennifer Lawrence’s career and love history since day one say the romance is true. Yes, the Hollywood chemistry between the two is, frankly, quite lacking (compared to when Lawrence was going out with Nicholas Hoult), but there is something between their intimate dates and holiday trips that simply scream “true love”. There is a reason everyone, including Paltrow, is nodding at Jennifer’s involvement with the singer, and perhaps it is the sincerity of their affection they share for each other.

What do you think? Does Jennifer Lawrence truly love her new singer boyfie? Tell us in the comment section below!

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