Younique 3D Mascara Becoming Latest Eye Makeup Trend

Younique 3D Fiber Mascara has become a trendy eye makeup solution for all women seeking the latest eyelash plumping trick. Unlike fake eyelashes or clumpy mascara wands, Younique has developed a three-step process using Transplanting Gel and Natural Fibers. The Utah-based company prides itself as it kicks off its second anniversary to have developed a makeup “must-have.”

Mascara is important in the fashion makeup world. Recently, Inquisitr covered an interview with Jessica Alba in which the star noted that mascara was one of her top 3 must-haves in her bag at all times. One reason that mascara is popular is its long-lasting and immediate effect on the face.

Part of Younique’s recent rise to fashion trends is that the before and after pictures of customers are fantastic. From celebrity-quality eye makeup looks to impressive makeovers of short or thin eyelashes, the 3D Fiber Mascara by Younique is… unique. It’s not a tint or a simple wand with clumping ink. Most brands, no matter how expensive, are made in the same traditional way. Even Vanessa Hudgens was recently caught recommending that women “lather on” the mascara, referring to the typical wand dipped in ink methods.

MakeUpGeek notes that there are three main mascara types: formula, waterproof, and color. Younique doesn’t really fall into any single category. The product is a blend of natural and traditional cosmetic ingredients, from beeswax to collagen. The natural fibers come from green tea, and Brazilian palm glue works as a natural preservative and sticky agent.

Customers apply the latest mascara trend by applying a thin coat of regular mascara. The “Moodstruck” transplanting gel is then applied to the lashes, followed by the fibers. The end result is a highly controllable layering of lashes that is “set” by the gel.

FabFitBeauty reports that after two months, she wears the 3D fiber mascara daily. She goes on to review the product and its ability to achieve dramatic looks or natural daily wear easily.

Kristen, a Younique brand user and presenter, notes, “If you find any clumps, just ‘brush’ them out with a lash comb. It’s a miracle for clumpy lashes! Although if you take my advice and apply thin layers on your lashes, you won’t have a clump problem… And I know that from experience! You should have seen the first time I put on regular mascara, the transplanting gel, and then the fibers. ‘Whoa’ was my first thought and it was not a good thing. I got a little carried away with the application process and put everything on way too thick. I’ve since learned what works for my lashes and thin is the way to go!”

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[Images courtesy of Younique/FabFitBeauty]

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