Bridesmaids Attack And Mug Seattle Woman Over Hotdog

A woman in Seattle was attacked and mugged by a bridal party when she ate a hotdog too close to the bridesmaids. They pulled a chunk out of her hair and stole the woman’s phone and wallet. Later on that night, her credit card was used at a gas station and possible suspects were caught on video.

It is unclear why the woman offended the bridesmaids by eating the hotdog. The police report, which was released this week, covers the August 30 altercation. Witnesses say that the Seattle woman ate the sausage too close to their faces, which seemed to be a form of innuendo. The group became upset and assaulted the woman by punching her in the face. Police officers found a chunk of the woman’s hair on the sidewalk.

The surveillance footage shows a man and woman, but it unclear if these two participated in the initial assault.

The Seattle woman recalls that the group were wearing festive bridal party sashes. The beating was so severe that the woman cannot remember much else about the incident.

On August 30, four to six women approached the victim in Belltown, Seattle, at night. Witnesses have described one of the attackers as wearing a floral outfit and had facial scars. The others were all wearing black dresses for the evening.

While bridal parties can often be packed with emotions, it’s a bit rare to find criminal assaults along the list of bachelorette activities. There may be awkward moments caught on camera, but certainly not criminal charges as in this case. Inquisitr recently covered the humor behind bridal parties.

While some bridesmaids and brides spend their time raising awareness to fight domestic violence, some bridal parties cause violence. On Friday, September 26, hundreds gathered in memory of Glady Ricart, the bride who was killed on her wedding day by her fiancé. The awareness march took place from upper Manhattan to the Bronx, but is not limited to New York City. Groups in Florida, Milwaukee, upstate New York, and other regions take place in the protest against domestic violence. It is a popular activity for bridal parties and bridesmaids to show support.

Josie Ashton, who began the march in 2001, stated, “When I had the vision to have this brides walk, I didn’t know what it was going to turn into–I just knew that I had to do it.”

Surely she would be shocked to hear about the victim in Seattle who was attacked by a bride and her bridesmaids. The case is still being investigated by police.

[Image courtesy of Seattle Police Department/NY Daily News]

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