Sarah Silverman Spoofs Joan Rivers on ‘SNL’ [Video]

Sarah Silverman was one of Joan Rivers’ biggest fans. So it was only fitting that the comedian got the opportunity to portray her idol in one of the most buzzed about sketches from last night’s Saturday Night Live.

In the sketch, Silverman, donning a blond wig and over-the-top attire, was welcomed in heaven by an all-star lineup of deceased celebrities and famous faces. Ben Franklin (Bobby Moynihan), Lucille Ball (Kate McKinnon), Eartha Kitt (Sasheer Zamata), Freddie Mercury (musical guest Adam Levine), Richard Pryor (Jay Pharoah), Steve Jobs (Kyle Mooney), and Ava Gardner (Cecily Strong) all welcomed Joan Rivers to an imaginary podium where she did what she did best: roast herself and her audience!

“Heaven, are you serious? Me in heaven? I guess I should be here, I’m practically a virgin. The last time I had someone inside me, it was Melissa!” Silverman joked, referencing Rivers’ daughter. She then turned her attention to her fellow participants.

“Richard, you could never keep it in your pants,” Silverman-as-Rivers told Richard Pryor. “I don’t want to say Richard fooled around but the longest relationship you had was with multiple sclerosis.”

Other amusing highlights from Sarah’s stint as host of SNL included her opening monologue, where she got to speak directly to her 23-year-old self through a series of clips of previously aired footage of Silverman from the 90s.

“This is the first time I’ve hosted but I have been on this stage before,” Sarah explained to the audience before being interrupted by the footage of her younger self. The pair went back and forth trading questions with each other, and it made for quite the hilarious set-up, especially considering her time on the show was extremely brief.

As reported by Inquisitr, Sarah Silverman returned to SNL 20 years after she was unceremoniously let go. It was during the 1992-1993 SNL season where the comedian was a writer and featured player on the show. She didn’t make many appearances in sketches, and as she told the audience, her camera time was mostly as a plant in the crowd.

Now 20 years later, Sarah is at the top her game, as Silverman recently scored her first Emmy Award for writing. However, she made headlines that night for an altogether different reason when she flaunted her liquid pot on the red carpet. Sarah then appeared to be high on marijuana as she gave her acceptance speech for the award.

“We’re all just molecules and we’re hurling through space right now,” Silverman said as she capped off her speech to a perplexed audience. For SNL however, Silverman was entirely more composed.

Watch Sarah Silverman as Joan Rivers below.

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