Mariah Carey Struggles To Hit High Notes, Gets Mocked By Fans [Video]

Mariah Carey is currently going through a tough time as she tries to adjust to life as a single lady. You’d think a successful diva like Mariah would be able to find solace in throwing herself into her work, but sadly this isn’t the case — some fans are not impressed with the current state of Carey’s voice, and they’re mocking Mariah for being a shadow of her former self.

Mariah Carey recently kicked off her Elusive Chanteuse World Tour in Tokyo, and some of those tricky high notes eluded the singer known for her falsetto crooning. According to the Daily Mail, Mariah’s shaky voice really upset some of her fans as she struggled through “Always Be My Baby.” She was pretty off-key, and she was finding it impossible to lift her voice up to where it needed to be. She also stopped for a moment to chastise a cameraman for being in the wrong spot.

Mariah had more troubles during “We Belong Together.” It appeared like she was having a technical issue with her microphone, and it’s possible that this had something to do with its awkward shape. Being the diva that she is, of course Carey had to have a flashy gold butterfly-shaped microphone. At one point, she stopped during the song.

“Wait a minute. I can’t go on,” the singer said.

It’s nice to know that all artists today haven’t resorted to lip syncing, but some of Mariah Carey’s fans didn’t exactly give her an “A” effort — the Twitter reactions to her performance were rather harsh.

However, according to Gossip Cop, one source said that the fans were just focusing on a few bad moments in an otherwise decent performance.

“It was not as bad [as the videos]. There were definitely some problems, but overall she was pretty good.”

A representative for Mariah Carey also told the Daily Mail they’ve only heard good things from concert attendees.

“The comments we have heard from the fans have been great!”

At least Mariah didn’t respond to the backlash by making excuses for her missed notes.

This isn’t the only difficult career moment Mariah Carey has had to deal with in recent months. As The Inquisitr previously reported, her album Me. I am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse was not a big hit — it sold between 60,000 and 65,000 copies during its first week. Carey also failed to produce a new single that really wowed her fans, and it probably doesn’t help that Ariana Grande is stealing her high-pitched shtick.

Do you think that Mariah Carey can overcome these career setbacks, or have this butterfly’s wings been clipped?

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