Jules Bianchi Horror Crash Overshadows Lewis Hamilton’s Japanese Grand Prix Victory, Driver Suffers Severe Head Injury

Lewis Hamilton won the Japanese Grand Prix to extend his lead over Nico Rosberg in the Formula One world championship but it was a solemn victory as an horrific injury to Jules Bianchi overshadowed any celebrations.

Hamilton performed an outrageously brave over-taking manoeuvre to take the lead of the race from Rosberg, and he then set about extending his lead as he paced away from the German. The grand prix had begun despite the the fact that the track was being bombarded by a typhoon.

The race started under the safety car before it was then red-flagged after two laps and was then followed by a further eight laps under the safety car. Once it peeled off it was once again up to Rosberg and Hamilton to duel for victory as they streamed away from their rivals.

Hamilton started to inch closer and closer to Rosberg over the next 19 laps, and then on lap 29 he made a startling bid to overtake the German round the first corner of the track. The fact that he did it in such a calculated yet risky manner in treacherous conditions just proves how much he wants to win the world championship.

Hamilton then pulled away with ease, and when the race was red-flagged, after 44 laps, Hamilton had built up a 16-second advantage. However, racing soon went to the back of people’s minds when it was revealed that Bianchi had been seriously injured during a freak accident.

The FIA have since released a statement explaining how the incident played out.

“On lap 42 Adrian Sutil lost control of his car, spun and hit the tyre barrier outside of turn seven,” it read. The marshals displayed double-waved yellow flags before the corner to warn drivers of the incident. A recovery vehicle was dispatched in order to lift the car and take it to a place of safety behind the guardrail. While this was being done, the driver of car 17, Jules Bianchi, lost control of (his) car, travelled across the run-off area and hit the back of the tractor. Once the marshals reported that the driver was injured, medical teams were dispatched and the safety car was deployed. These were followed by an extrication team and an ambulance.”

Bianchi has now undergone surgery on his head injury and he is in intensive care as doctors wait to see how he responds to his treatment over the next few days. Hamilton now leads Rosberg by 10 points with four races to go and 125 left available.

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