Bruce Jenner And His Envy-Worthy Hair Spotted With Kris Jenner Look-Alike

Bruce Jenner’s man mane is looking pretty fab lately — it looks like Kim Kardashian and her stylish sisters taught their stepdad a few things about hair care. Before you know it, fashion magazines will be asking the reality show star about his beauty secrets.

Bruce was recently spotted rocking what appears to be a new hairstyle. He’s traded his bronytail for a long layered look that goes past his shoulders, and he’s doing something that’s making his hair look incredibly shiny and healthy. According to Hollywood Life, the 64-year-old’s new look is likely the result of a “feminine blowout.”

After seeing Bruce Jenner with long hair, one Twitter user made an interesting comparison to another celebrity.

His hair became a rather hot topic on Twitter.

According to Hollywood Life, Bruce Jenner’s new hairstyle is definitely going to fuel those sex change rumors. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Bruce recently hung out with daughter Kylie wearing what appeared to be a sports bra. Or maybe he got his hands on one of Kramer’s man boob bras from Seinfeld (it’s crazy that “The Bro” hasn’t become a thing yet).

Bruce Jenner has also been photographed lifting up his shirt and showing off a pair of Spanx, he had his Adam’s apple shaved down, and he’s been photographed with shaved legs. It does seem possible that he’s slowly transitioning from a man to a woman, but there’s also a chance that all this sex change evidence is actually evidence of a belated mid-life crisis. Bruce has spent a lot of time around a lot of women who are very focused on their looks, and maybe their vanity has rubbed off on him.

Maybe Bruce Jenner is just giving himself a “breakover” (a post-breakup makeover) to make himself feel better about his split from Kris Jenner. Instead of trying to change his sex, it’s possible that he’s just trying to make himself look younger. Shiny long hair is a sign of youth and vitality, and Jenner used to wear his hair longer when he was younger. He could be wearing Spanx to hide his gut, and if his leg hair was starting to look really long and scraggly, perhaps he shaved it off because he thought it was making him look old and gross.

If Bruce Jenner is undergoing a sex change, it doesn’t look like he’s doing it to attract men. According to The Mirror, Jenner was spotted with a mystery woman at the Elton John concert at The Staples Center on Saturday night. The brunette bore a striking resemblance to Kris Jenner, but there’s been no confirmation that the mystery woman and Bruce are dating. They attended the event with Jenner’s son Brandon and his wife Leah.

What do you think of Bruce Jenner’s new look? Is it a sign that he’s going through a sex change or is he just trying to look like a hot young buck?

[Image via ABC News]

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