‘Rush Hour’ To Get Pilot And Potential Series From CBS

It’s been just over 15 years since Lee (Jackie Chan) and Carter (Chris Tucker) joined forces for Rush Hour, an action comedy flick that went on to make more than $100 million domestically and nearly $250 million worldwide. It’s also been seven years since Rush Hour 3 hit theaters, underwhelming most moviegoers, but still making reasonable business at the box office. Altogether, the Rush Hour movies have grossed more than $850 million at the box office alone. Now it looks like the commercially successful film series may be turning into a television series on CBS, Deadline reports.

“‘Rush Hour’ is staying close to the premise of the original movie, with a stoic, by-the-book Hong Kong police officer (played in the features by Jackie Chan) assigned to a case in Los Angeles, where he’s forced to work with a cocky black LAPD officer (originally played by Chris Tucker) who has no interest in a partner.”

The Rush Hour pilot is being written by Cougar Town writer Bill Lawrence and Cougar Town writer/executive producer Blake McCormick, both of whom will also executive produce the television series, The Hollywood Reporter writes. Also on board as executive producers of the Rush Hour television series are Brett Ratner, director of the movie series, and Arthur Sarkissian, who served as the producer of the films.

Screen Rant states that the series is meant to premiere in the Fall 2015 season — so in just under one year’s time. It is important to note, however, that even though CBS has a pilot production commitment, it in no way guarantees that Rush Hour will be picked up as a full television series. Unlike CBS’ upcoming Supergirl, which is almost guaranteed a full series, we’ll have to wait on the quality of the pilot for that.

There is no news on who will be taking on the lead roles. The original Rush Hour film worked mostly due to Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker’s chemistry, so the pilot will have a lot to live up to.

As far as the Rush Hour movie franchise goes, it is a series that always seems to be on the verge of another sequel, and even as recently as a couple of months ago, the studio was all over Jackie Chan to do a Rush Hour 4, he revealed to IGN.

“Just like lately they want to make ‘Rush Hour 4.’ I said ‘No, show me the script first. I don’t need another Rush Hour 4. You need Rush Hour 4. Show me the script.’ I don’t want to do a rubbish script just because they want to make the movie.”

Will the potential Rush Hour television series affect any production of Rush Hour 4? Only time will tell.

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