Evil Skywalker? ‘Episode VII’ Script Leak Threatens To Spoil New ‘Star Wars’ Flick

Star Wars Episode VII is still more than a year away, but the leaks keep on coming, and the latest rumor is a doozy. If you’re the type who loves spoilers, wait until you see what they’re supposedly doing with Luke Skywalker for Episode VII.

Fan site Making Star Wars has occasionally come across good information on the forthcoming films, and that’s the source on the newest claims about Star Wars Episode VII. As Comic Book Movie notes, the original piece reads like poorly written fan fiction, but there could be something to this claim.

Last warning: Here there be Spoilers… maybe.

The latest rumor has to do with one of the big questions involving Episode VII: Where is Luke Skywalker? For months now, rumors have circulated that the next Star Wars trilogy will see Luke Skywalker off living like a hermit, with the crew of the Millennium Falcon having to go looking for him. There have even been reports that Luke will be something of a villain in the next Star Wars, a remarkable turnaround from his role in the previous trilogy.

This newest report from Making Star Wars appears to support both notions: It looks like Luke might be in exile, and he might have turned to the Dark Side.

Describing one potential scene from Episode VII, Making Star Wars claims that the new flick will see a character “Kira” encounter Luke Skywalker on a mountainous snow planet.

“So why does ‘Kira’ appear to give up? The reason for her resignation? The cyborg is none other than Luke Skywalker. The revelation beats ‘Kira’ and her quest becomes hopeless. She resigns herself to joining the figure who is the opposite of what she hoped to find. The evil she sought to vanquish with the power of Luke Skywalker, is Luke Skywalker. We are left not knowing the future and how this happened. The cloak appears to be especially close to Luke Skywalker’s ‘Return of the Jedi’ cloak as well.”

Of course, this is all conjecture, just this side of fan fiction, but other publications have noted that Making Star Wars is occasionally well-sourced. Further, the rumor does fit with previous reports that Luke could turn to the Dark Side.

Also, Mark Hamill, the actor who portrays Luke, has been seen sporting a “contractually-obligated beard.”

Beards, though, can be used for good or evil, so there’s no telling what the facial hair means.

Lest you think that Luke is lost to the Dark Side, Indie Revolver stepped up quickly to pump the breaks on Making Star Wars’ theory. The site points out that the newest Episode VII speculation is based largely on some concept art, and the villain in that art doesn’t even look like Mark Hamill. Further, the villain that’s shown is a cyborg, and it seems unlikely that JJ Abrams would bring back Mark Hamill only to cover half his face in metal and makeup.

Still more than a year away, the next Star Wars film is the source of more speculation than just about anything this side of an Avengers flick. We don’t even know, in fact, what genres future Star Wars movies will fall into. There’s no telling whether there is any truth to this latest rumor, and we’ll likely only find out in bits and pieces as more snippets and leaks trickle out. Even then, we probably won’t know for certain until the first “A long time ago…” text crawls up the screen when Star Wars Episode VII hits theaters in 2015.

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