‘Teen Wolf’ Season 6? Linden Ashby Says ‘There’s A Good Shot Of That’

Season 4 of Teen Wolf ended in September, and Season 5 is likely to start in June of 2015. And one of the show’s stars says there is a possibility for more Teen Wolf after that.

During an interview with myFanbase, actor Linden Ashby was asked if he sees Teen Wolf getting a sixth season. Ashby said he does, and there have been some talks about it.

“I think there’s a good shot of that. I know that people are already talking about it at the network so we’ll have to wait and see on that. But I think there are definitely conversations about going beyond Season 5.”

Teen Wolf Star Linden Ashby
Teen Wolf Star Linden Ashby.

Ashby also praised two of the new Teen Wolf actors, and even told a story of when he went surfing with one of them.

“The young cast that’s coming in now, Dylan Sprayberry and Khylin Rhambo, they’re great! Dylan Sprayberry came out to surf with me a couple of weeks ago and he’s such a good kid and he’s a kid! I mean he’s 16 years old, and you forget the energy and the dynamics and the mindset of a real 16-year-old. It’s just beautiful! It’s limitless energy and just a whole different kettle of fish. I think that they’re a great addition to the show.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, an early notice of Teen Wolf being renewed was released in the beginning of July, when a list of shows receiving tax credits from the California Film and Television Tax Credit surfaced online. This information came to light as the show was only a few episodes into Season 4.

MTV later officially confirmed that Teen Wolf had been renewed. According to TVLine, the fifth season will be 20 episodes and will be split into two parts.

When Teen Wolf returns, one popular character will no longer be part of the cast. At least that’s what Holland Roden told Hollywood Life. Of course, she wouldn’t reveal who would not return.

“You’re going to have to tune in for Season 5 to see if we’re all coming back or not. That’s just the reality.”

She did give some theories about what could happen to some of the Teen Wolf characters when the show returns.

“[Derek] walked off into the sunset, and he could easily wake up the next morning and go get Starbucks. Or Lydia could have magically have joined Jackson in London. We don’t know.”

Are you excited about the return of Teen Wolf?

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