“Beyoncé Lied To Me!” Cries Drugged Teenage Boy After Wisdom Teeth Removal [Video]

Beyoncé doesn’t have to RSVP for anyone — but one teenage boy seemed to think that she had promised him to be there after he got his wisdom teeth out. The 17-year-old then begin to break into tears, screaming that Beyoncé “lied to me, Mommy!” She’s finally able to calm him down after promising that they’ll give Ms. Knowles a call when they get home. But that’s before she tells him that in addition to Beyoncé standing him up, dentists have just taken out his wisdom teeth — his reaction makes the Knowles breakdown look restrained.

The teenage boy, Cody Lanphere, continued to rant for the entire car ride home, according to his mother. One of his other targets was the dentist who had just removed his wisdom teeth, of whom Lanphere said: “He’s not American, [so] he doesn’t know anything.” Cody, however, is “completely bewildered” by the footage, although he is not surprised that he subconsciously wants to meet Beyoncé, he told ABC News.

“Ah, Beyoncé. Who doesn’t love her? I love her — I mean, she’s amazing. I love what she stands for, all about independence … I’ve loved her since Destiny’s Child.”

Wisdom teeth removal videos don’t need a cameo from Beyoncé to make the rounds. It seems like every few months another one pops up that pushes the boundaries of public humiliation, especially when the victims happen to be teenagers. One such video released last year showed a teenage girl talking about mythical beings — and we’re not talking about Beyoncé again. She ends the video rapping Carman’s Christian rap hit “Who’s In The House?”

Teenagers aren’t the only ones getting railed on for their loopy behavior after wisdom teeth removal. One of the most popular of the dentist visit videos was “David After Dentist”, which has racked up more than 126 million YouTube views since it first appeared online in 2009. Beyoncé’s “Crazy In Love” video uploaded the same year: 124 million.

Lanphere may have missed out on Beyoncé picking him up from his wisdom teeth removal, but Knowles may see the video anyway with the way it’s spreading across the internet. However, Cody isn’t the first to pay homage to Beyoncé in the revered “post-dental surgery video” canon. Another video release earlier this year featured a girl wailing while under the influence of dental surgery drugs because she “doesn’t look like Beyoncé.” Her mother tries to clam her down, but she just can’t handle the fact she’s not Queen Bey — “Who do I look like then?!”

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