Former Google Employees Launch Search Engine for Pornography

In the world of constantly changing online ventures, new search engines are a particularly tough market to break into — apparently unless you are former Google employees who created Boodigo. The newly launched search engine specializes in adult content online (aka pornography), and it was invented by a group of former Google employees whose aim is to make it the premier entry point for the adult entertainment industry online.

Mainstream search engines like Google and Bing have worked hard to decrease the amount of adult content that shows up when someone searches for certain terms through their servers. An explicit search made by someone using Google or Bing is most likely to lead the person to a Wikipedia entry with background information or entry with the definition of a word instead of the actual type of content that is being searched.

According to The Economist, Boodigo first debuted on September 15. One of the founders, Colin Rowntree, reports that it “has taken off like a rocket.” Boodigo teamed up with a European site,, and west coast-based tech firm 0x7a69. They spent about one year making an algorithm to serve their purposes.

Of the programmers on the west coast for Boodigo, five of them are former Google employees. Among their complaints: adult industry piracy. The programmers and others behind Boodigo say they don’t like the roundabout way that Google and other search engines let users (eventually) get around content and exploit its use so that industry professionals are not paid for their work.

Rowntree has also said that his team did nothing to replicate Google algorithms, and all of their code is original. Boodigo says their search engine functions by listing only legitimate adult sites. It rules out content like Wikipedia entries, women’s magazines, how-to guides, and other unrelated content.

The Los Angeles-based startup described itself at its launch in mid-September as “the first adult-oriented search engine that takes users straight to the online action.” They also promise that there is no “tracking, registration, cookies or hassle.”

Boodigo has tried to increase its relative importance in the search world by saying that they are the opposite of mainstream search engines that “go out of their way to avoid adult-related results.” Search results that could be considered “potential security threats” are eliminated automatically, as are unlicensed and illegal content.

You could call Boodigo the first mainstream search engine for its industry.

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