NFL Blitz to make a comeback next year

Remember NFL Blitz, Midway’s arcade-style take on professional football? Released in 1997, NFL Blitz ditched the sim-style gameplay of, say, Madden in favor of brutal, over-the-top, straight-up ridiculousness. Well, it’s coming back.

EGM reports that EA Tiburon, the studio behind the Madden series, is hard at work on a reboot of NFL Blitz with a release date currently set just in time for the NFL playoffs – January of next year, in other words. Currently, available platforms are unknown.

As you may recall, Midway attempted to reboot the NFL Blitz franchise in 2005 with Blitz: The League. Unfortunately, they had to do it without an official NFL license, so they had to do it with a bunch of made-up teams and players. That, among other things, made it a flop.

But if the trailer for NFL Blitz is anything to go by, EA Tiburon’s reboot is looking to be exactly what Blitz fans have been wanting. It’s still crazy, it’s still over-the-top (yes, there’s a big head mode) and it looks like a lot of fun.

You can check it out for yourself in the debut trailer below.

Source: EGM (via 1UP)

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