‘Once Upon A Time’ To Feature More Captain Charming Bromance: Spoilers And Teasers [Video]

Once Upon a Time fans who ship Captain Charming have a reason to rejoice — the show is going to explore the Captain Hook/Prince Charming bromance a little more during Season 4.

Yes, there are Oncers who would love to see Charming hook up with Hook, and obviously this is never going to happen. However, actor Josh Dallas admits that he’s a fan of the bro-ship, and he revealed that fans will get to see a little Captain Charming during this week’s “White Out” episode.

Dallas talked about the Once Upon a Time heroes during a recent interview with TV Fanatic. According to Josh, Hook and Charming will have to team up to save Emma from freezing to death after Elsa from Disney’s Frozen traps her inside an ice cave.

“They’re stuck and she can’t seem to break herself out of this fear. Emma’s life is in danger so David and Hook bromance out and come to the rescue and David talks Elsa down off the ledge with a lot of things that Anna taught him a long time ago.”

That’s right — Charming knows Anna. He met the Frozen character back when he was just a humble shepherd trying to save his family farm from the evil Bo Peep. Bo Peep is a “brutal, brutal warlord” on Once Upon a Time (yes, really), and Charming is afraid of standing up to her. Anna helps him find the courage to fight back against the sheep-losing bully, and his encounter with the Frozen princess totally alters the course of his life.

As you can see from the Once Upon a Time set photo above, Prince Charming rocked some pretty wild hair before he got a royal makeover. Josh Dallas told ET Online that he loved wearing his wig.

“It’s my romance novel cover wig! [Laughs] I think it’s pretty nice, and if you put a wind machine on me I’d be just like an enchanted forest version of Beyoncé.”

Dallas might love Charming’s 1980s rock ‘n’ roll hair, but the prince isn’t a fan of Captain Hook’s rocker style. Josh talked to TV Guide about the prince’s relationship with the pirate.

“The guyliner he doesn’t really care for, that’s for sure. But you know what? With Hook and David, they obviously have their differences… but I think he’s seen a man who, whatever his moral code is that he lives by, he sees that [Hook is] trying to change. He’s tried to change for his daughter, for Emma. I think that’s a really admirable quality that David sees in him.”

Josh also said that Charming is “going to figure out a way to deal with” his daughter dating a pirate, and it sounds like he’s going to do this by spending more time with Hook in future episodes of Once Upon a Time. During an interview with Hitfix, Dallas revealed that Captain Charming fans will get to see more of the bromance during the first half of the season.

Dallas was also asked about what he thinks of the Captain Charming shippers, and it turns out that he agrees with them about Hook and Charming. He wouldn’t even mind if the bros ran away together to become outlaw cops in a Wild West world (there’s probably a portal that goes there somewhere in Once Upon a Time‘s expansive universe).

“I think they would make a great couple! I think that would be kind of like Butch Cassidy and Sundance. It would be a great spinoff! It could be like a cop show.”

“White Out” isn’t just going to feature Emma and Elsa freezing together and Captain Charming working together. ABC has released two new previews for the upcoming episode, and one of them shows Elsa making an icy threat after finding Anna’s snowflake necklace in Mr. Gold’s shop: She proclaims that no one is going to leave Storybrooke until she finds Anna, and she builds an icy wall around the town to make sure that they stay put.

The Snow Queen from Disney’s Frozen doesn’t just shut the town off — she also shuts off Storybrooke’s electricity, and the townspeople turn to Snow White to save their computers and DVRs. Regina could easily use her magic to fix things, but she’s hiding away while she nurses a broken heart. The pressure to turn the lights back on makes Snow go into meltdown mode, and it’s a little weird seeing her lash out so angrily (but it’s also pretty hilarious).

You can see everything that happens during this “White Out” when Once Upon a Time airs Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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