‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’ Releases Two New Videos [Video]

As the anticipation mounts for its Wednesday premier, American Horror Story: Freak Show has released two new videos of the “extra-ordinary” cast members from the series.

The mini-documentaries feature Mat Frasier, “Paul The Illustrated Seal,” and Rose Siggins, “Legless Susie.”

Both cast members discuss living with their disabilities, their roles in American Horror Story, and what it is like to be a “different actor,” as Fraser put it.

Mat Fraser has a congenital disorder called phocomelia, a rare birth defect, according to WebMD, in which the bones of the arms are extremely shortened or absent and the fingers are sometimes fused. Fraser calls it “seal-like arms.” His arms are very short, with long fingers that resemble a seal’s flippers. His condition, he says, was caused by his mother taking a powerful pain killer when she was pregnant with him.

Fraser explains that, to him, “freak means a radically different person on stage, entertaining with their radical difference. I cannot but help to exploit my physique when I’m performing.”

Holding up his arms, he says, “Of course, these are different, and they’re interesting to look at. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m powerful and awesome and I have these.”

Of his role on American Horror Story, Mat commented, “I’m a freak, and an actor. And I’m a freak actor playing a freak, and it’s awesome.”

American Horror Story: Freak Show – Extra-Ordinary Artists – Mat Fraser

Rose Siggins was born with sacral agenesis, a birth defect which Medscape describes as part or all of the sacrum – the bone at the base of the spine – missing, affecting the nerves and development of the legs or other parts of the lower body. Rose was born with legs, but they were “useless, they kind of just dangled there,” she said

Her legs were amputated when she was two-years-old.

“I couldn’t imagine myself being, I guest whatever you call normal, because this is my normal.”

Siggins says, “People stare at something they don’t understand. Because we’re different, doesn’t mean we’re entirely different. We’re just like you, we just come in different forms.”

“I didn’t want to be a part of a freak show in the sense of exploiting myself. I pretty much have lived a life where I haven’t done that,” she adds.

She says of her American Horror Story character, “Legless Susie is very scared and frightened person. I could not imagine people treating her so poorly because of how you looked… so of course she would have joined a circus too, because that was family.”

American Horror Story: Freak Show – Extra-Ordinary Artists – Rose Siggins

FX released the first American Horror Story:Freak Show trailer on Thursday, reported The Inquisitr, and it looks like the series will live up to the creepy hype.

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