WWE News: WWE Diva Stopped By TSA For Sex Toy Incident, Leads To Angle On Monday Night Raw

Last Monday, WWE Monday Night RAW aired live in the Windy City of Chicago! It was a whirlwind of a show because every WWE wrestling fan knows that Chicago is home to “The Best in the World,” CM Punk. This fact alone brought up plenty of hype as people waited on bated breath, and The Inquisitr recognized this with reports of Stephanie McMahon leaving the door open for his possible return and recognizing the constant chants for CM Punk.

However, there was another angle on WWE Monday Night RAW that is cocking eyebrows and turning heads. Apparently, this certain angle was made on the spot as a jab to a WWE diva who was stopped by TSA at the airport. The reason why will most likely make you laugh.

According to Daily Wrestling News and Sportskeeda, the segment in question is between Seth Rollins and the Authority (Triple H and Stephanie McMahon). This is right after Rollins was able to attain his MITB briefcase back from Dean Ambrose, who stole it during last week’s show. Throughout the segment, the MITB briefcase was vibrating, which Rollins said was just an electric razor. However, there is implication of something of a more personal use hidden inside the case. Once again, it should be noted this is just an angle, and there is no news that proves or disproves Rollins use of said paraphernalia of such nature. As a matter of fact, we can report that the segment is just for entertainment purposes.

The hook about this angle is it may have been made to the disdain of a WWE Diva. Both sources report that one of them was stopped at the airport by TSA when they forgot to take the batteries out of the sex toy. It is also reported that said sex toy was in her carry-on, and if the batteries were not within her bag, she would have not been flagged. Also, the Diva who is associated with this incident has not been released, which is probably WWE’s way of saving face for said Diva, not just for whatever role they may play but also for their own personal privacy.

Now that you’ve read that Seth Rollins’s vibrating MITB briefcase is probably linked to an incident with a WWE Diva being stopped by the TSA, what are your opinions about it. Please let everyone know what you think in the comments below.

[Image via Screencap of WWE Monday Night RAW – September 29, 2014]

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