Cuban Muslims Rally For Plan To Build First Mosque, Face Government Rejection

When it comes to the religion of Islam, most people in the United States — as well as many around the world — associate it with ISIS. However, there are many around the world who find it necessary to separate the religion of Islam from the terrorist organization. The Inquisitr previously reported that France decreed ISIS (and ISIL and IS) would no longer be known as an “Islamic State” but as “Daesh,” which is a very derogatory Arabic word.

Nevertheless, Islam has its fair share of opposition, especially in the United States. In New York City, there were numerous ads posted around the city that were clearly Anti-Islam. Yet, that may be nothing when compared to what the Cuban Muslims have to go through because they don’t even have a mosque to worship in. To rectify this, they went to the government to rally for the building, which the Cuban government refused.

According to Shoebat, Muslims in Cuba, who also received assistance from Turkey’s Religious Affairs Foundation, pushed the Cuban government to allow for the building of the country’s very first mosque. The government turned down the plans, stating there will be no mosque. This actually comes off the heels of Russia asking Cuba to allow the construction of an Orthodox Church, which Cuba allowed.

World Bulletin has more details about the situation, in which the leader of Havana’s Muslim community, Pedro Lazo Torres, revealed his plan. When it was rejected, he expressed dismay at the decision, pointing out that Russia gets an Orthodox Church while 4,000 Muslims in Cuba still have no official place to worship. As of now, Cuban Muslims have been performing congregational prayers in Torres’s living room.

It should be reported that even though there is no official mosque in Cuba, there is an official building that allows for Friday prayers. Islam Awareness reported on a building known as the Casa de los Árabes (The Arab House), a remodeled building which houses an Arabic museum and Arabic restaurant. Remodeling was given a boost when Qatar donated $40,000. Also, the building is used for Friday prayers, but only for non-Cuban Muslims, tourists, and diplomats.

Now that you’ve read the news about Cuban Muslims being denied their place of worship, what are your opinions on the matter? Please let everyone know in the comments below.

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