Did Kim Kardashian Leave Her Purse At Hotel? No, But She Forgot North West [Video]

Kim Kardashian doesn’t always leave things behind at five-star hotels, but when she does, it’s her baby North West. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star allegedly needs a lesson in parenting based on a video that shows Kim appearing to have forgotten her child inside the hotel before boarding a limo waiting outside. What is Kanye West thinking about his baby mama?

In an October 2 In Touch Weekly exclusive, the magazine ran the headline with a question, “Umm, Did Kim Kardashian Just Forget Her Child at a Hotel?!”

Donning pink-colored holed-out jeans and looking as fly as ever, Kim Kardashian is seen leaving — empty-handed — out of the Le Royal Monceau Hotel in Paris, France, on Wednesday.

When she arrives at the passenger vehicle that is surrounded by a cadre of photographers, Kim motions to remove the coat draped over her shoulders. However, she pauses and begins talking (inaudibly) to the driver while showing some subtle signs of distress.

Next, Kardashian does and about-face and walks back inside the hotel, only to emerge a short time later with North West in tow. In Touch suggests that from the sequence of events in the video, Kim Kardashian appears to have forgotten the baby in the hotel, just as she would forget a purse or her boarding pass.

It’s alarming, perhaps a play on words, but the story and accompanying video are worth exploring. For Pete’s sake, who forgets their child after taking the long walk of glory downstairs to a waiting limousine? At some point, unless a person is texting while walking, shouldn’t it kick in their mind that their bundle of joy is missing?

In looking at the glass half full, perhaps the video is edited and shows the reality TV star exiting the hotel on two separate occasions — maybe one when she went out for lunch and another when she has North West in hand. Kim Kardashian appears to be an amazing mom who loves her husband and child dearly. Say it ain’t so that she left baby behind. Yeezy, what say you, man?

[Image via: The Mirror]

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