‘Batman V Superman’ Filming: Zack Snyder Takes A Break, Clark Kent On Set

It was a relatively quiet day on the set of Batman v Superman, but thanks to alert Twitter fans we got a rare glimpse at director Zack Snyder and Clark Kent on set. As October rolls in, the production is entering its last month in Detroit, where cast and crew has been camped since early summer.

Filming on a big city is not easy and Snyder is having one heck of a time trying to keep his production under wraps, away from prying eyes. Reports indicated that Batman v Superman was possibly filming behind these fake hedges on Wednesday at Detroit’s Broad Art Museum.

It seems that a whole new Batman v Superman set is being built just to keep intruders out, but that hasn’t stopped the Banana Doctor from posting this unusual photo of the man himself, director Zack Snyder taking a break from filming while having a drink.

Filming of Batman v Superman wasn’t as obvious as in previous days, where we were able to see what looked like a protest scene in which Superman was being burned in effigy. We also had a closer look at Amy Adams, who looked very relaxed in jean overalls.

Lois Lane was seen walking around while talking on her cell. It was not clear whether Adams was actually filming for Batman v Superman or she was on break, as she was seen wearing her engagement ring. We don’t believe there are wedding plans for Lois and Clark at this stage in their relationship but you never know.

On Thursday, an image of Henry Cavill’s double in his Clark Kent costume was spotted by the Banana Doctor on the Batman v Superman set as well. We haven’t seen Henry as Clark or Superman in a few days, but his body double was filming in the streets of Detroit.

As the Batman v Superman enters its last weeks of filming in Detroit, we will keep you abreast of all the latest information and new on set photos — if Zack Snyder lets us peek.

[Image via Solo en Cines TV]

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